Freewifi_secure (EAPSIM) not working

I use LineageOS on a Fairphone2 with a SIM card.
FreeMobile allows French customers to use “Freewifi_secure” wifi connexion with EAPSIM authentification (
I tested it with success on that phone with the original FairphoneOS.
I tested it with success on that phone with th alernative FairphoneOpen.
But it is impossible to use it with LineageOS.
EAP SIM wifi parameters are present and defined to use the “Free” SIM card, but when I try to connect, I see the message : “Password may be incorrect”.

It may be this reported but as of yet unresolved bug:

(Unresolved as in: It was closed as a duplicate of this bug, but a comment there insists it is not duplicate, but the second bug is also unresolved anyway.)


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