FP5 camera app from stock to custom rom?

After running for a while on a as-good-as-it-gets degoogled stock Android, there is enough frustration for me (e.g. missing updates) to actually switch to a custom rom (most likely iodeOS).
Is there a way to take the camera app from the stock rom and get it running on a custom rom on Fariphone 5?

I am not sure if I am correct here, but my assumption is that the best photos will be shot by the stock camera app as it had the chance to be adapted specifically for the device’s (finally quite good) camera hardware. And that any other camera app might not offer the same support for all functionality.

I would also be happy to hear if you think my assumptions are wrong or suggestions which camera apps to use when stock-on-custom is not possible.

There is a similar topic for FP4. There, the motivation was definitely that other cam apps were not able to access all hardware functionality for example wide angle lens.

I guess you’re looking for this topic: For a Better Camera on deGoogled Operating Systems
To my knowledge that’s the place for most recent info on how to run the FP5 stock camera app on customs ROMs (not sure if there’s a success story yet, though).

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Unfortunately there’s only been a single report of a success, which hasn’t been reproducible for others.