FP5 - Battery Life

This is my battery graph after returning home from work with internet disabled (except for a couple of minutes), no AoD, dark mode and 90 hz display. Most of the time I used a ibasso dc03 pro 3.5 DAC to listen to (local) music , it gets a bit warm while doing so, so I suspect it’s energy consumption isn’t marginal. Doubletwist is the music player. + 80 min of bluetooth podcasts commuting in a car.

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Well not like other phones…
No AoD, no 5G…I have a SD card 512GB (Exfat) but it should be external.

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You’re not using your phone :wink: At least, 9 minutes of screen time is nothing. Let’s not flex battery life if you’re not using your phone. I mean, it makes sense your battery last for a long time if you don’t use it. I see that in more screenshots here.

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well, thats what is bad about it, during the night till morning all accu is lost and I have to load it twice a day because it got sucked dry for idle only…


Its not in flight mode and apps are installed? So maybe try in Safemode dic:safemode

Ah got it! I misread the thread in that case. Likely the adaptive battery feature still needs to kick in. I already start to see the same battery life as I had on my FP4 and that’s with AoD and 90Hz enabled.

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without AoD and using it around 1.5 hours in the morning

after 1h with AoD and no further usage (4% gone)

after an additional hour with AoD and no usage and the screen face down (what should turn off AoD to my understanding and still 4% gone)

So the next days I will observe this further as I’m more in the home office and not traveling around and I’m not dependet on a powerbank or so…


I completed my test today to check what’s the difference in battery drain with or without enabling “Always show time and info”. The only difference in configuration between yesterday and today is that option. The phone also was used more or less the same way.



It seems that AoD dramatically increase battery usage but I can’t understand why as the screen always has the same battery usage value.

What’s swallowing all that energy?



When I look at battery usage I tend to use https://accubatteryapp.com/ which gives more detailed information.


One week later…

I feel like I got substantially better battery life on my first charge than on the next two :confused:

And I’m pretty sure it was after the first charge when the phone saw the highest use yet. On normal days it’s pretty much just an expensive alarm clock.

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First day of using my fairphone 5 with /e/ the battery got me through the day without issues, despite heavy usage (setting up / syncing all the stuff). Will report how the next days work!


I would say this is heavy use:

  • Navigation
  • Streaming music via bluetooth
  • Watching YouTube
  • Browsing
  • Taking some pictures
  • Messaging

And that with 90Hz and AoD. It could still be better, Maybe adaptive battery will improve it more.

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You used YT for 6 of those 12 hours and your screen was on during the 12 hours for 3:45h. So how long did you actually actively use YT to watch a video?

You used Google Maps without screen on? Navigation with Maps and screen on, on my FP5 (same on the FP4) needs around 10% battery per hour. When screen is off Maps/Navigation does not drain battery a lot.

Its not always… this was with 9hours flightmode and didnt change since than, so overall. a bit weird.

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I suppose the stats also account background apps. I have YT Premium, so I suppose it stays active in the background? Just like the Play services, Quickstep and Signal, those were in the background as well. I didn’t play videos with the screen off. I used Maps for I think about 25 minutes as the stats show. Not sure if screen usage is added to Maps or just to the screen usage stat. I suppose those are separate? Otherwise the stats would not make sense, it would then count screen power usage twice.

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So 80% battery drain for 3:45 active use, for me not good and it seems 90hz or 60hz does not make a difference both around 12%/h screen battery drain.

In my eyes still huge drain of battery because of AoD which is not counting into screen used time.


I also listen to music while cycling and traveling in public transportation. I guess it’s about 8 hours of active use. I said I agree it’s not amazing, especially when compared to the competition. But my FP4 had similar usage and performance.

AoD does not waste much battery. If it does then the phone may not be idle while the AoD running, and thus wasting power. In that case it’s an efficiency issue. On my Pixel there was basically no difference having AoD on or off. So that makes me believe it’s an implementation issue.

To expand on that, can anyone else compare battery usage (with 90Hz) and AoD on other phones? If other phones also drain no more than 1% per hour, as my Pixel did with AoD, then we can maybe conclude there may be something wrong with the software.

I was very disappointed in my new FP5’s battery life at first - sometimes I couldn’t get through a day without charging.
But when I turned off the Always On Display, it’s made a HUGE difference for me - it’s running for two days straight now (no heavy use, but screen time was a little over 5 hours anyway. I have 90 Hz on and a lot of apps installed, part of which are always running in the background).

So far my conclusion is that FP5 can run considerably longer than FP4 as long as AoD is turned off.


When you don’t use your phone, do you put it in your pocket or face down on e.g. a table? Just trying to figure out if AoD also wastes power when not even on. Then the process is just inefficient in the background.

I had my phone in my pocket too over a long time when I had AoD on, but still battery was draining super fast. Still, only thing I changed before battery life got better was to turn AoD off.
Maybe there’s still some room for improvement via software updates…