FP4: Which camera app?

Hey people,

I did buy my wife the FP4 because it was the only real choice for her, because of reasons we all have one, right?

That the camera will make a big improvement to my FP3 was my hope, but you can really only make good photos when your outside in the bright light. It really saddens me when she asks in the morning, which lights on in the living room, to bring her the old iPhone 6, so she is able to make decent pictures of our kids. FP4 pictures are always, and I mean ALWAYS blurred. It’s a feeling like taking a picture early 1900’s, when you needed to sit still for 5 mins. With kids totally unrealistic. Also the region around the head, area hair to rest of the picture is very faded, and don’t get me started on the softener that make our baby looks like he wears make up……… WHY?

So if you have a good suggestion for another camera app, that allows you to start using the camera app, PLEASE share.

Thanks in advance for your help Fairphone Communits peeps.

Hi @Milchmann

Give a try to the Gcam port (GoogleCam for non PixelPhone)
Many pple use the Wichaya version. I use it too and found it fine for a daily use (my photo use is for work and personnal, no social media and i’m not a photographer)

Wichaya GCam APKs - Google Camera Port

there is several post here in this forum which deals about that.


Nikita’s version is more stable from my experience: Nikita GCam APKs - Google Camera Port

But yeah, any GCam port is definitely much better than the stock app. It’s currently lacking wide-lens camera and the full 48MP quality, but the support team is aware of this and they’re supposedly working in it.


But how much trust should we have in an inofficial app, which is allowed to have Access to the cam, mic and storage? it is not open source, isn’t it? Maybe in this point the “open cam” project has benefits.

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But no quality benefits?
He asked about a better app in case of quality

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I dont know. Thats why I sad “maybe”. He should give it a try.

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Sure, if you are concerned about security, you can use some of the open source camera apps like Open Camera or GrapheneOS Camera. They provide better quality than the stock app, although still worse than GCam.


On first launch you can choose that those access are given only when the app is on. And you can use a controller as TrackerControl or Netguard and tell them to block all internet connection for this specific app.


I use Gcam (Wichaya and Nikita) for long time now and I never had any innternet connection of those apps.


That GrapheneOS camera is really great (just tested it on my Pixel 3), the quality is really good. Fairphone should maybe fork that one. Also because the UI is much better.


I tried the .apk on my fairphone. grapheneOS is not necessary.

I can reccomend OpenCamera with the new API


What does that other API doe exactly? Seems a bit strange, an API is just a way to interact with the software. Unless the different API also calls a different library in the background to make performance and quality improvement differences.

Camera2 API lets you access some more advanced controls like shutter speed, ISO adjusting and the like.