FP4: The specs and your opinions

How about guarantees to die or malfunction, why should artefacts get a life of even 5 years when many people don’t live that long.

How about a new FP4.5 with a guarantee to be out of date in 3 years and non functioning within 2. If you have complaints that your phone is still functioning after two years and may go out of date, please contact our support staff.

We will gladly accept and trash your phone for recycling after two years. Postage not included.

Their vision is that you stay as long as you can with your existing phone. So just stay with your FP3 as you stay with your wired earbuds.


That’s not a good excuse. Wired headphones will be relevant in 10 years time, most people will be looking to buy a new phone by then.


From other posts I wonder which will last longer the old FP3 etc. or the wired headphones.

And Fairphone don’t even have the spare/replaceable cables which was the main sustainable issue in selling…

Cables for the modular earphone are now available.



Even if for some people headphones may be relevant in 10 years time I can’t see how this is in contrary to FPs vision. There are options for those planning to stay with the wires.


I fully agree even going further considering their message which to me looks like a clear commitment. They want to keep this phone at least 5 years usable to the highest possible way they can and also assure customer satisfaction for this period of time. Providing an extended warranty period might get customers on their side. Now see, they are ~8 years in the market. I assume this step should support their basis to finally reach a solid level where people take them fully serious and not just smile when the brand is mentioned or a device is presented in a sales shop next to other well known brands. Having said this…what could be their next move on their business trip having a serious device with FP4 in the launch… :thinking:
I think sales numbers will start to shift…


The option presented (a dongle) sucks. It’s not a good alternative.

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Headphone jack adapters suck. They’re so bad I really don’t want to have to use them ever again. The jack just needs to be inside the phone where it belongs.

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Can you explain why or do you just dislike adapters?

Seems like you misread the part about the compromise, which is not good according to the poster…

I have one for my tablet and one for my iPhone (one USB-C and one Lightning adapter).
Both are flimsy even though they’re branded. My earbuds have a pretty strong twisted modular cable, the adapters make folding and unfolding my cables annoying.
The adapters also tend to get caught on things in my backpack and detach themselves from my earbuds.
I also use my earbuds on devices that do have a jack, so I have to constantly remove and re-attach the adapter (or go looking for them).
They’re visually annoying as well. Both are white, my earbud’s cable is copper. If you have headphones or earbuds with an angled jack. The adapter makes the angle comically and annoyingly large.

The adapter basically suffers death by a thousand papercuts for me. They’re annoying, obstructive, makes it harder to get listening to your music and they’re ugly.


A whole year without updates?.. Are you kidding. Security holes appear on a more regular basis than that!


That was for a 5 year old FP2 what’s that got to do with the FP4 ??


I get disagreeing, cursing seems unnecessary for me.
For each feature someone disagrees, that person has to swear and say the developers are morons? Immediately assuming they can’t have good reasons?
It seems there’s a lot of perfect engineers who could do it ALL :smiley:


So you just dislike them, they come in different colors, even with amplifier (i.e. for iPhone the FiiO i1). Ok, it’s on piece more to carry around, but I still don’t believe it’s a real deal breaker.

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I dislike them because they’re bad. And a better dongle is still a dongle.

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The notch can be disabled in software by moving the notification bar below the notch. It’s in the developer settings I believe. I don’t have a notch now, but I know it can be disabled.

However, this only works best on an OLED display I suppose. Because then the top area of the display is really dark and not consuming power.

I’m still a bit doubting if I want to go back to LCD. Those deep blacks on my display are hard to say goodbye to. Especially with dark mode at night. I might still opt for the Pixel 6…


Erm, sorry to contradict but the iPhone 6 Plus looks nothing like this, :confused: it was still from the generation with the huge top and bottom bezels, much more like the FP3 (actually even worse); the only similarity is the 6 Plus’ case and FP4’s frame being made of aluminium. :thinking:

The FP4’s design is more similar to 2019 Chinese Android phones (e.g. Redmi Note 8), while the camera looks somewhat similar to the iPhone 11/12/13.

I agree about the buds though, even the case looks like very Airpods-like :grinning:

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The choice to ditch OLED might be due to the risk of burn-ins (although the tech has improved a lot), especially since FP4 is intended to be kept for a long time. It could cause people to have to replace their screens more often than they would with IPS ones.


I see you complain about it, but I don’t really get why. So could you explain what wifi 6 could bring wifi 6 ready doesn’t?