FP4 slowly dying - which replacement pieces

Hi, I’m living in North America, but visiting NL for a few days, and consider using it to buy replacement pieces. Here are my issues:

  1. The battery lifetime has always been bad (and got worse overtime, to the point that I need to charge it 2-3x per day. So a new battery
  2. My FP4 has a loose connection, so also buy the new usb-c end piece? I tried to adjust the screws around it, but that only helped for a day or two.
  3. Since moving to California, my FP is restarting a few times a day, randomly (even on days that aren’t above 25 Celsius. Not sure what to do here.
  4. Since a few days, my MicroSD card isn’t recognized anymore by my FP4. There doesn’t seem to be a replacement piece for this?

To be honest I also consider just getting a new phone, due to the pure amount of breaking things despite the phone only being 2 years old. Any recommendations in either direction?

Hello, just a few random thoughts. Your phone still has a warranty but I imagine it might be difficult to process that on a short visit. But how about meeting with some local FP Angel(s) so that they can have a look?

I would get a spare battery anyway since shipping at a later time might be an issue. Have you used any app like AccuBattery to check the parameters?

Is the reception differeny in California? and how old is your SIM card?


Hi Meaghan, thanks for the quick reply!
I’ll only be in NL for 2-3 days and busy with work, so I don’t think I have the mental capacity to do more than picking up some replacement parts in a spare minute.
I did get the AccuBattery app, I’ll post details once it had time to do some measurements.

Yes indeed, I might still have warranty in Germany, but I can’t afford to send it in due to the time that takes. That was one of my reasons to buy a FP, being able to fix it myself.

My German, physical sim is a couple of years old. I also have a Canadian e-sim which works just fine here. I think I also received a few SMS to my German Sim card. Just to make sure that you didn’t missread it though, I only have issues with my microSD card not getting recognized anymore, both SIM cards work fine. Mobile Data is also working ok.

Also, as an early example by AccuBattery,
I lost 8.0% (127 mAh) in the last 19 minutes, 7.1% with screen on (14 min), 0.9 with screen off (5 min). I have just been idling in the AccuBattery app.

I didn’t comment on the card cause didn’t have any ideas on that. But I thought that rebooting might be somehow connected with losing connection, hence the question about the SIM card.

Good luck!


For batteries for us citizens. Batteries plus bulbs agreed to order that part when i asked them about it. You can at least get that. As for components i still haven’t been able to get a spare usb port replacement that i need. I’ve been using a magnetic usb adapter to prevent any more damage. And i’ve been searching for the part on amazon with no luck.

If the battery is nearly dead it could be that the random reboots happen because the voltage of the battery is too low. Did you try to use your phone in the energy saving mode and with a low display brightness, maybe in the night? Maybe then there are less reboots.

It might be worse to try to get a replacement physical SIM as old SIM cards can cause issues like reboots as well. You could try to take it out or disable a few days to see if it makes a differenece.

Just note depending on your provider in Germany activating SIM card mobile data abroad can come with a few obstacles

Else is 5G enabled? This could cause reboots as well or VoLTE.

Is the SD card formatted as external/portable or internal extension? Especially the latter can cause various issues (out of the bkue), however SD cards can also just break in general.

So reg spare parts: I guess battery and USB port is a good idea to order, because yes to get a new battery shipped would be very difficult.