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Indeed that’s what they said during launch to I think! I really hope they can get the camera software right!

Thanks for the quick answers :pray:


received my phone yesterday - and just went out on a walk:

All with the stock camera app


Das Wetter kann selbst die beste Kamera nicht besser machen… :wink:


Here are some of the pictures I’ve taken so far (stock app, usually auto mode with auto HDR).

Sometimes auto HDR seems to lead to some serious loss of detail:

Landscape mode (reflects the scene quite accurately):

Whenever I have enough time, I try to use the pro mode which, in my mind, leads to much better results in demanding situations:

Auto mode (with auto HDR)…:

…vs. pro mode:


Merry Christmas (GCam Wichaya, edited)




I Wish all of you a harmonious end of year dass and a good Start into the new one :smiley:


All made with the stock camera. Some are with “super night mode”, but this metadata is not saved in the picture, so I can’t tell you which one was shot in that mode and which one wasn’t. But honestly I also don’t think this mode does much when I compare it to a regular picture. I made many pictures today, some with night mode, some not. Pictures are okayish anyway :slight_smile: The floating bed was shot with ~2x zoom.


Seems in darkness/rain you want GCam, otherwise Stock and OpenCamera are good enough. Or is this too simple or conclusive?


For sure GCam will add some improvements. I tried it, and it’s indeed better than the stock camera. But it’s not the same as having an actual Pixel phone. There is still a lot of noise in the pictures, shutter speed is disappointing, sharpness is not always a success, post-processing is not even happening and dark mode is still half baked to say the least. So the gains you get are not the gains you’re looking for (Star Wars pun intended).

If I want Pixel quality, I would buy a Pixel :slight_smile: If we want Fairphone to become a good-enough-phone for the average users, then the camera needs some work. So I only work with the stock camera. Also because the GCam mod is closed-source and the modifications are not very clear. So I have some healthy paranoia to avoid those apps. I also enabled the advanced protection in Android, so installing APKs outside of the Play store is not possible. I only installed it once, factory reset my phone, and re-enabled the advanced protection again.

I submitted many feature/bug requests for the stock camera. The responses of Fairphones support seem postive. But could also be just PR. Anyway, I chose Fairphone also because of their open-source nature, something that Google lost over time.


Stock camera


Gcam Wichaya, not edited


All stock camera

1x zoom

2x zoom

4x zoom

8x zoom

Of course zooming in so far is rarely great. But for future reference we can use this to judge if the camera has improved.


I think Tweakers recently had a comparison between smartphone cameras. Google Pixels have their pros and cons but I don’t find it fair to compare a 650 EUR fair, modular smartphone to a 1000 EUR non-fair flagship smartphone of a major multinational. Comparing with their budget series (Pixel #a) makes more sense. Right now that would be the Google Pixel 4a, and the 4-series was disappointing AFAIK. The 5a should be released eventually (renders got leaked) in Q1/Q2 2022.


The Pixel 6 is also 540-650 euros (non import). And the cameras of the a series used to be the same (Pixel 6a will keep the old camera sensor that was used since the Pixel 2, which was in use up until the P5a). The a series just had a midrange SoC, no IP68, no glass back, no wireless charging, things like that.

All with the stock camera


All taken with GCam app :slight_smile:


Which one?

I’m using Wichaya’s ports, I usually upgrade when a new version is out. Current one I’m using is GCam_8.1.101_Wichaya_V1.5

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Original file on ProtonDrive


After some months without Fairphone I have some withdrawal symptoms :wink: and would like to order FP 4. The photos look good and are fully sufficient for me. But prior to ordering one question:
Did anybody make o photo from a printed DIN-A-4 letter or a newspaper? Is this photo okay? I use very often my smartphone as a “copy-machine” and this question is important for me.