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Regarding the last image, the place with banks…
Gcam port is the one with the most living colours

I’ll test out the GCam port on my Fairphone this weekend, but first a comparison with an actual Pixel.

Shot on Fairphone 4:

Shot on Google Pixel 3:


Open Camera, DRO mode


If you find out how to use the wideangle lens with GCam please share it here…


OpenCamera is really not the ideal solution for the fast snapshot (exposure delay is too long) but it really has some nice pro options for experimenting.

Night shot with OpenCamera, bracket exposure (3 images) merged and edited in Lightroom


I’ve found mobile phone cameras oversaturate colours a lot. which of those two, to your memory, was more accurate in terms of the colours of the sunset (or was it sunrise?).

I usually have to take red/orange out of my sunset-time photos.

Afternoon, to judge from the filenames. FP4 on CET and P3 on GMT, seemingly 4" later (two people standing side-by-side I imagine). The FP4 is strangely blurred but seems to convey a more realistic feeling of the cold autumn dusk. The P3 feels to me almost like it’s been through a Google “fix underexposure” routine. I too, would be interested to hear the photographer’s comments!

Pixels are known to not oversaturate pictures and prefer the natural look. The displays are calibrated like that as well. The P3 is basically exactly the view of the scene. The FP4 is darker, grany, white washed and blurry most of the time. Only when the lighting conditions are right the FP4 is able to shoot nice pictures.

I’m still trying to get a great picture with the FP4 for almost a week now. I have a few, but only with great light. With the P3 that’s an effortless task. But I know FP has different aims and budgets. I only added the P3 image as a reference to compare the FP4 picture. If I had a professional camera, I would’ve added that as well.


I think in all of them really. A definite improvement.


Stock app, night mode


Also stock app, Super Night mode.


After more than a week, there was finally some sunny and clear weather here. Foggy, dark and rainy days don’t work well when trying to test out a camera. Especially with a camera that doesn’t perform very well when the lighting conditions are not ideal.

All shot with the stock camera.


Both on stock cam!:slight_smile: does anyone have an instruction in how to configure the gcam on the phone? Can the download lead to any negative consequences regarding warranty? Thank you I’m advance:)


Hello @Beefranzy, there is already a thread about the GCam port and FP4.


Thank you @Zebrafax !


Two night mode shots with the Witchaya GCam port…


I’m following this post very closely! In order for my next phone I will buy a fairphone. I don’t get it why this great camera hardware does not yet deliver the pictures it can make.
Using the Gcam port does make better pictures, but I love to use stock apps to take pictures. When is the update planned for the camera update to take better pictures?

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Hi and welcome to the forum

As this is a user forum ‘we’ cannot forsee when fairphone may issue a new camera app update.

You can of course contact support|at|fairphone|dot|com

From having the FP3+ that was never done, although there was an upgrade to the camera and an upgrade from Android 9 to Android 10 after a year

The option is to install an alternate app


Fairphone just published a Q&A Video on YT where it was stated that camera software is still beging worked on and that lmprovements will come with (one of) the upcoming updates. So nothing specific yet.


Indeed that’s what they said during launch to I think! I really hope they can get the camera software right!

Thanks for the quick answers :pray: