FP4 only in Camouflage-Green Military Look?

I’m using FP since the very first pre-ordered FP1. Currently, I’m on FP3, but it starts getting sluggish and starts freezing. Perhaps time for FP4. But what the hack? In army-green?!? Who wants to run around with a phone in camouflage military look like a common skinhead?
I certainly won’t buy it. Hélas, the grey isn’t great either.
Any intentions of FP to add in future slightly more attractive colours ?

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Maybe yes, maybe no…who knows…
wait or buy

Does your FP3 still have enough free storage space? (What does Settings > Storage say?)

Freezes often result from a crammed storage or cache.

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This was my first thought too :grin:. Nevertheless I bought a green FP4 because I didn’t like a grey or speckled one either. The back cover is really army-green. But the green metallic frame is nice :heart_eyes:. And I’m sure no one who knows me will think of army or military when he or she sees me with my phone.

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I remember something from one of their YouTube presentations that the available colors had to do with how far they could take it with recycling. When recycling plastic, your color options are limited. So that’s how they came with these colors. But I could be wrong, maybe I remember their presentation poorly :slight_smile:

The cases offer some more choice. A grey FP4 with a red case could be a nice match, if that’s what you’re looking for. I like the grey one.


Hi and welcome to the forum after all those years, where have you been ??
As @urs_lesse indicates it may just be a memory or a cache issue.

Do you use an SD card and if you do hopefully it is not formatted as Internal.

So how much memory do you have left, under 8GB starts to slow things down apparently.

If you have 10GB of memory left you may try starting in safe mode to see if some custom app is causing an issue and of course the final test is to do a factory reset if the above doesn’t show something useful.

A daughter bought the specked one and it’s fine, army green isn’t pretty but as @AlphaElwedritsch said recycled plastics are a limit, especially when it’s a specific type ~ more constraints.

Anyway you can cover the back with hand painting, maybe nail varnish or some coloured plastic film, which may be a good idea as I’ve heard of people complaining that after removing the back a number of times it may get damaged ~ so a bit brittle maybe.

Any way you can ask official support to try and get alternative colours: noting you are a long term customer but won’t buy the FP4 until they do :slight_smile:

So let’s see if ‘we’ can get the FP3 working until the FP5 comes along. Maybe better colours next time?

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It’s not army green. It’s a bit lighter and more saturated. But I suppose not all armies use the same colour. Anyway, I hadn’t thought of it as army green until you mentioned it.


I’ve been here long ago. Unfortunately I lost my limited FP1 Edition by letting it fall into a puddle. Poor bugger died. My experience with FP2 was a nightmare, then. In a fit of anger I threw it against the wall and published a photo here of the broken phone with the comment: “FP2 is now where it belongs to - in the rubbish bin”. This wasn’t exactly appreciated by the forum admin and I got kicked out (or left by myself, after all without a FP to talk about)
I hesitated a fair while to buy FP again, but did finally. And I’d say, FP3 is a different world to FP2. I have the FP3 now ?2 or ?3 years, and it’s quite simply - good!

My storage should be fine - 20GB free. Perhaps cache issue? Couldn’t find a way in the settings to clear it.
Another worry is the fingerprint sensor. The phone fell down during its life a couple of times, but once, the sensor plate popped out. Since then, it is extremely unreliable - and I use the fingerprint very often. Plus, I don’t want to have a simple screenlock (PIN or swipe), because the kiddies will remember (while pretending looking somewhere else…). Is the sensor replaceable? I have a spare back cover in my drawer, but that’s without the sensor. And I don’t see the sensor in the spare part shop?

Ah yes, I do have SD card. Don’t remember how I formatted it. What should I do - clear, remove and re-insert?

The green also has the advantage that it is not so noticeable when you throw it into nature for disposal.
Gray is also inconspicuous.
Red would be seen immediately…

irony off

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SD card format
Check under Settings > Storage

If the SD is formatted as Portable/External it will have an eject icon to the right.

If it’s internal you may have or may acquire a few problems.

Finger Print sensor :frowning:
From what I can tell it’s not sold separately and is not considered a user replaceable part. Doing so would void the warranty . . .

I suppose as the warranty has expired, you could dismantle and look at, clean and reseat the sensor.

It could just be over sensitive. In which case some people have covered it with a piece of transparent sticky tape. Transparent nail varnish may help.

Well off topic really though.

Maybe start a new topic ‘How to bring back an FP3 from poor performance’


All in all, the phone is still in fairly good shape. Just, that I thought, it starts getting old, with this noticeable increment of sudden lags and/or lacks in response.
SD is external, so all good there. And anyway, only my music tracks on it.
Well then, I’ll put a bit of time and effort into maintenance, go through my apps, check their cache sizes, clean the fingerprint sensor thoroughly etc
It’s either this, or buying an army-green phone… :wink:


You’re entitled to your own opinion but i can’t share the sentiment tbh.
I’ve got the green one andi just think it’s a good looking colour. Nothing more. It might have the same colour as some camo but what are you going to do? Not go to the park because the trees are camo coloured?
It is certainly not copying camo. It’s a flat green. If that’s not enough for you, just buy some skin and put that on.

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