FP4: News/Rumours and Updates

Maybe time for a clear topic on the FP4 rather than the September surprise

First there was a post by

So I had a search and found this

Since that there has been info of two versions with 128Gb or 256Gb memory and mention of earbuds.

Firsts there was a post by

Looks like admin can prepare a new category, so what colour will that be?

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Moderators can do it, and that’s planned, though we won’t create anything before the official announcement. Some other structure changes on the forum are also planned. And the colour is an excellent question!



Maybe a little more orangey?


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How “yellowish” and bright will it be for a FP5 then? Until that is realeased probably Discourse should allow black letters on nearly white background… :wink:


I think just make the FP5 greenish and then the FP6 can be blue :slight_smile:

I can see the future is already defined, that’s a bit sad, some would say comforting.


To improve visibility, it might help to just leave the numbers in (and drop the “FP” from) the category boxes.

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I wonder if there’s an FM radio ?


I can’t really see how it improves visibility, and I’d rather say it might confuse people (or not :man_shrugging:).

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I think @Volker’s point (bad contrast: white on orange/yellow) is the main issue, but I think the number standing apart would also help legibility. Perhaps writing out Fairphone (instead of just FP) would be a better solution (like in the Discuss category right now: “Fairphone 1”, “Fairphone 2”, etc.) – inserting the gap between “FP” and the number would not.


OK changed the content as I couldn’t delete the post.

That there was no image of the phone of the website does get me wondering, if it is real.

If so

  • Is there less bezel and the phone hopefully isn’t bigger.
  • Camera len(s) and of course
  • CPU

OK so it’s not available and I notice the price has dropped some 20Euros overnight

Now 687,30 | 615,23 :: 256 | 128

I expect the notification led work perfectly from the start!


If there was one thing I learned in my life, then this: Do not expect too much from Fairphone…


I always expect a lot from myself and am always disappointed so what Fairphone do is just a distraction.

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That’s true! I did not buy the FP3 because FP disabled the notification LED by software in the beginning.
One year later, I heard by accident that they fixed it. That’s why I bought the FP3 then. The notification LED is still not perfect (each of the three colors just can be turned on and off, but not be dimmed to create all the colors), but it’s ok.

But I don’t just hope they will make it work from the beginning this time, I hope that there will be a notification LED at all.

There are just a few new smartphones on the market with notification LEDs. I really hope FP will not ditch it!


@amoun @Alex.A @urs_lesse
my suggestion for FP1 FP2 FP3 FP4
size 32x32
and 500x500 (Work Size) overview :wink:
FairPhone-1_32x32 -

FairPhone-2_32x32 -

FairPhone-3_32x32 -

FairPhone-4_32x32 -


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128Gb Aa budget is too much GB for fairphones story to give only necessery

Who decides what is necessary?
Looking at Android’s flaky handling of already flaky micro SD cards and too many users unaware of possible consequences of incorporating them into Internal Storage … Make the built-in storage large enough (there seems to be a 256 GB version coming, too, by the way), forbid this obsolete SD card as Internal Storage demon from the past at long last, and save users from data loss as well as Fairphone support and community forum from a lot of issues and grief to handle. I’m all for it.


I understand your statement, but i dont like it. I want affordable fairphones with the necessery stuff and for the GB is 64 a serious amount. Maybe 128,but 256 then you become a download everything phone

Given that the form size of the FP4 shall be 6.3 inch, a smaller “FP4 mini” with 64 GB might be attractive (and affordable, too) to some users who want to join the Fairphone movement as well…


I do not need Gb.
I just need normal apps like email, messenger and navigation working.
But unfortunately, they tend to use more memory each year.
I had to uninstall quite normal apps like Podcasts or my daughter’s school app because Fairphone 2 has not enough RAM for that.
If I buy a phone now, I want to be able to still use it over 5 years and longer, so memory (RAM and internal) should either be huge or expandable.