FP4 Microphone not working on loud speaker on GSM calls

Since aproximately ~2 monthes the Microphone is not working on loud speaker on GSM calls with FP4.
It has always been working before on my device for more than a year.
It stopped working arround the 2nd update of android 12.

When I use the Signal App on loud speaker the microphone works.
When not on loud speaker it works too.


What if you type *#*#2886#*#* in the phone dial, it should open service tests, does the microphone test work?

@Alex.A Thanks just tried.
In manual mode I could access “audio” test.
WHen arriving on mic test , NOTHING is explained on the screen and nothing is happening !
I have 2 buttons to check " failed" or “pass”…I guess it is failed.
ANhyhow my Mic works !!! On SIgnal AND on phone calls…is just onLOUD SPEAKER

I have this an nothing happens, no sound nothing :smiley:

I have tried this too :

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Hmm… I don’t know these service tests well, maybe someone more knowleadgeable could chime in to help…
Maybe you’re supposed to talk into the microphone and hear yourself during the microphone test? As to why the speaker one states a failure…

Edit: Just read the post again and saw that the problem is it goes on loudspeaker instead of earpiece. The service test for top speaker goes to bottom, so there is a problem somewhere. And the fail for the second speaker test must indicate something as well…

Yes you have to speak to use the mics. Be sure not to cover one of the three :slight_smile:

Just scratch on the mic holes…

Edit: 1 is the bottom, 2 is the top one and 3 to the left.

A failing speaker means you will not hear others, failing mic means others cant hear you and I understand for you its the latter?

Overall I doubt its hardware and you are just again hit by something

Def. contact support

I have the same problem. I contacted the support two weeks ago but no one replied.
When I’m in a call in loudspeaker the other person stops to hear me and I have to turn back to normal mode, then they start to hear me again. Sometimes it happens in normal calls as well. Hope someone know how to solve it at least this problem, one of many others, if I knew all these issues before buying this phone…

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I have this issue since 12 monthes aproximately, it was solved in the latest android 12 updates.
And came back with android 13.
Not sure anyone is listening in the emptiness of space out there :smiley:
Hopefully they will bring back the patch from android 12 !

This is not due to microphone cleanness, since it works with whatsapp and Signal apps.
It is something like an amplification GAIN in the FP4 software that is not set on GSM calls , and set on “multimedia” /whatsapp calls (in my case)

I was not talking about cleaning anything. I was talking about testing the mics.


To nit pick: you had an issue that was fixed and eas not sbout bad GSM=2G calls

and now you have an issue with Android 13 which is still not about bad GSM calling.

and this issue here is a third one reported under Android 12

And for def of GSM, this was discussed here.

Overall lot of reports and a bit difficult to follow what the current problem is.

dear @yvmuell ,
I just wished it was not so complicated to follow , and that it would just work like a regular phone… Thks for suming up things.
The truth is that , I post when I have problems and don t always close things, I have recentely marked some posts as SOLVED.

The only thing that is left unsolved for my case is the microphone on GSM calls with loud speakers on android 13. This is the topic of this thread.
Lots of times people say they don t hear me on lound speaker, in a quite room, at the point they want to leave the conversation. For comparison when I am in my car on the blutooth, no one wants to quite the conversation

(everything else is working , especially with the latest unactivation of “4G improved calls” wich doesn t work for me on my phone / Free mobile in france)

Ps: actually all the post you are refering are marked as SOLVED

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So you havent had this loudspeaker issue on A13 when VoLTE/4G calling was enabled?

When on “VOLTE” (which is called something like "imporve audio via 4G) It s not usable at all on Free mobile with my phone. I cannot have a regular GSM call 70% of the time. So getting on loud speaker is my last concerne when anyway no one hears you with “VOLTE” :smiley:

This is excactly my same issue.
I Phone someone, just with the phone on my ear, everything works fine en im clear to hear for the other side.
once i turn on the speaker (for example to call hands free) im hard to hear or not at all.

Some got a solution of same issue?


Same here, If i call or someone calls me, and I put on loadspeaker, the other person calling can’t here me, so I have to put off loadspeaker, and hold the phone to my ear again, which is annoying. Started after Android 13, was no problem before that.

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Did the audio test everything is working on the speakers.
On the mic test 1, 2 , 3 nothing happens! Which is non sens since at least one microphone works since I can call…and again lound speaker microphone works with whatsapp , signal and other softs.

Hey i got the same issue… Have anyone fixed it?

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