[SOLVED] Fairphone 4 bad signal. Especially Upload speeds & regular calls

After the December update I can confirme that Fairphone 4 is now behaving like at 2022 phone in france on the free mobile network.
I even noticed once having a better connexion than a Iphone from 2012 which never happened to me before!
This December update and then one before have been a very big leap in usability.
Even regular GSM calls have improved, I still have sometimes to deactivate the data in order for people to hear me on the other side of the call.
But is is maybe 30% of the time now…not 100% of the times !
So I am now confident that Fairphone can make this phone work exactely like any normal phone like samsung or iphone.
Only downside is that It took 12 monthes to have a working phone !!! Hopefully Fairphone will improve over time and Fairphone 5 will get basic features like GSM call and internet right out of the box.

This december update made also navigating through the phone somehow more fluide, like more FPS.
The photo app is bugging and lagging much less, its almost there. If we would have a ,night mode like pixel phones, that would be super.
Ho and GPS navigation too has improved over time, it was very bad , but not as important to me as GSM and data! But now it ticks all the checks. Bravo fairphone, finally we are there.
Looking forward for the improvements in the 4 coming years!

Can someone change the title tp [SOLVED]