FP4 - gcam-port

Out of the box


I tried to set up some things until I had to reinstall it :grin: The set up of the pixel version made no difference for me

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Hello! I registered just to post here.

Has anyone tried BSG’s Gcam port? It was last updated 09.02.2022 so it’s about 2 months newer than Nikita’s and Wichaya’s.

Considering installing all 3 and going for a photo shoot to compare them :slight_smile:


I tried all and all of them have there advantages an disadvantages.
I suggest you try all of them and take the one you feel best with

And it’s not only the upload date, it’s also the gcam version. 7.x, 8.2, 8.3 8.4, … On which the port based on and if the newest is a stable or beta, too :wink:
Seen at the colors and bold letters…

As far as I’m concerned I just experienced a worrying behaviour with Nikita port.

I don’t know what combination of operations lead to it but eventually phone started to get very very hot, during a photo shoot session and temperature kept rising even after killing the app and letting it rest idle.

Had to choice but to shutdown the phone to stop my phone from melting :sweat_smile:

I did mess up with some settings to check a bit what they were for. Though messing with Whichaya’s port settings never got me in such trouble. I’m going to try BSG and if it’s not conclusive, I’ll stick with wichaya which was very stable so far.

Edit: BSG port doesn’t have HDR mode, that’s a no go as far as I’m concerned

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Uups, i did it again… :innocent:

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I’m using the BSG port and it definitely has HDR. You just have to enable it in settings → advanced → HDR+ control :slight_smile:

Good to know for HDR, maybe I’ll give it another shot later.

I played a bit with latest Arnova8G2.

Since I’m back to FPOS I finally can confront the shots with stock camera again. IMO Gcam is still superior despite stock camera quality being improved compared to 2 month ago.

Here are a few shots, first one is Arnova8G2 Gcam, second is stock camera. All shots are 16/9.








gcam is a quantum better


It would seem that during low light situations, Gcam is a lot better. During high light situations, you can’t tell the difference:

BSG Gcam-port


GrapheneOS camera





I made the same experience

I just found it at calyxOS.
A fix for the gcam ports and preview not working.
Runs great and the preview of the current and not the penultimate image is displayed.

Since it comes from calyx and the source code is freely accessible, I classify the apk file safe.


Thanks for the GCam suggestion. Losing the wide angle and 48mpx mode does however seem a very high price to pay simply to be able to replicate what’s actually seen rather than an acid trip version (allegedly) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I’ll try to disable HDR 1st… :crossed_fingers:

Next to the often mentioned Wichaya, BSG and Arnova it’s worthy to try “greatness”.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s the only one with a sunset mode.
Everything else should be basicly the same to Wichaya. (maybe greatness isn’t that stable)
(Oh and Wichaya didn’t show the astrophotography mode correctly… Wich maybe don’t work correctly anyway? Does it really work for someone?..)

Normal mode:

With sunset mode:

Also works with streetlights in the night.


Discussion reg. Astrophotography

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Holiday in @hirnsushi homeland

BigKaka 8.4.300 v8


Hündleskopfhütte, well well, I hope you tried the excellent Kaiserschmarrn :smiley:

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Käsespätzle and Radler :wink:


Sadly, this does not work for me. I always get the error message “App wurde nicht installiert” (App wasn’t installed).

Did you uninstall Google Photos before trying to install it? :thinking:

The app has the same package name as Google Photos, that’s why it works, but that also means both can’t be installed at the same time

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