FP4 - gcam-port

I think this applies only to the main sensor. Even the stock camera app doesn’t allow you to take a 48MP photo using the wide-lens camera.

Yes 12Mp max output using wide angle


I would read that as 48 MPs at 0.8µm and 12 MPx at 1.6µm (0.8 @ 2x2) and note only the later has the suffix ‘output’

Fairphone, and others, usually leave out the difference between photosites and pixels, hence the MP


As always with Fairphone camera specs, that can be read in many different ways :wink:.


Is there any update on this?

I read on xda that the Iode magisk Module is not able to use the wide-mode and no gcam mod was able to do thst aswell.

No, not yet

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your config is not available anymore. Could you upload it there maybe?Config Files for Wichaya's 8.x

Sorry, I don’t have it anymore…

And where you’re pointing to in your link, you cannot upload configs directly. You have to request it.
It must then be accepted. I did that initially but never saw it and didn’t get any feddback.

I just noticed that Wichaya 1.5 puts wrong EXIF info into the DNG file when shooting in RAW mode: Google Pixel 5 is saved as camera model instead of Fairphone 4. Does this also happen with Nikita port?

Somebody already seen this?


I tried it myself, Nikita does save the correct EXIF information. But with Nikita I am not able to open images with the Simple Gallery Pro. :neutral_face:

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Both are true. :wink:

What do you like the most?

All with default settings

First Shot: OpenCamera
Second Shot: Nikita gcam Port
Third Shot: BigKaka gcam Port

@Discostu36 In BigKaka it is possible to use a third party gallery like Simple Gallery (I use it, too)

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Going for Nikita with what you show, which I already do. :slight_smile:

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BigKaka is somehow too overcolored?!


White balance seems to be off, a bit too much yellow


I don’t have a FP4. But i stumbled over a post at reddit. The interest part is " multiple camera lens support"

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Well, it still won’t have access to the wide angle camera, if that’s what you mean. It needs to be enabled in the API first. See Camera & Camera2 API - missing features & bugs


Would be interesting to also include shots of the native FP camera. Since FP does seem to improve the quality, then people can see how it compares. Because Gcam is nice, but it’s closed source and not made for the Fairphone. If we want a long-term solution for everyone, we shouldn’t forget about the native camera :slight_smile:


Ive tried a few of them on my Xiaomi mi 10 5g and was most pleased with BigKaka because the colors were just as in rl, also considering other ones the size lf the oic was always half the size.
Still its a Xiaomi but as soon as I get the FP4 I’ll try again :slight_smile:

I see there’s now popular Nikita Gcam port, just installed it and noticed it has additional settings, including “lib patcher”.
Do most of you use the app “out of the box” or do you have configs to share ?