FP4 - gcam-port

Yes, makes no difference.

Did it (pm uninstall -k --user 0). GCam wants to have photos installed from play store. GCam Photo Preview cannot be installed (“…not installed”). Perhaps GCam Photo Preview is meant to be used only with CalyxOS?

as described in the linked thread what you did is not sufficient…and no it works fine without Calyx

I think it is not installed if gcam says I have to install it from play store. What else is necessary?

If I get it installed, is it just another gallery app or does it add the choice to use any gallery app?

it adds the choice to use the preview and open the gallery, so instead of getting this message telling you, you need Google Fotos, it will open the Gallery. My understanding is the package name is the same and with the commend used its not uninstalled for all user/completely. The command uninstalls for user 0, so its still there. How to remove completeley with root is a question for Hirnsushi :wink:

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You are right, it seems to be not sufficient.
I reinstalled photos from play store and removed it with

pm uninstall com.google.android.apps.photos

After that gcam asks for the gallery app (f-stop in my case). With other words: It works now, even without GCam photos preview.

Thanks for the helpful tips.