Stock camera app without Google Photos

Yes. It annoys me when this sort of thing is offered as ‘the solution’. It smacks of ‘we’ve reached the end of the script’ laziness and it can put a LAGRE amount of restorative work on the poor user when it is often not even guaranteed as a solution. I can accept it if there really is no other solution and it has been shown to work, but not as a ‘well, nothing else worked so it’s probably that’ shot-in-the-dark.

If you have to resort to this sort of ‘fix’ in even a modest fraction of cases then something else is very wrong.

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After taking a foto, i like to tab on the I dont want to use Google Fotos. But the galerie linked in the standard camera app seems to be just Google Fotos.

  • is there a posibility to link another galerie app with the standard camera app?
  • or does anyone has a recommendation for an alternative camera app, that works good with the Fairphone 4?
    Many thanks for advices!
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@hnaef I moved your post to this topic as I think it covers both your questions

A bit more technical also discussed here


You can use that :point_down:

I’ve replaced Google Photos on a FP4 running stock FPOS with that solution and it works fine with the FPCamera app.
You won’t get a full gallery, just a working preview and most importantly FPCamera won’t crash anymore. So you’ll still have to use some other gallery app to actually view and manage your photos.


I get an error telling my GcamPhotosPreview was not installed, irrespective if I just deactive the Google Fotos App or uninstall it using adb shell pm uninstall -k --user 0 Any idea why or what I an do to install the Calyx apk to get a working preview without Google Fotos?

You need to remove it completely, otherwise you won’t be able to install GCam Photo Preview.

The alternative is using Shelter, you can install GCPP in a work profile if you can’t remove Google Photos / aren’t running Magisk to overlay it.

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What does “remove completely” mean? How can I do more than uninstalling it (e.g. using universal-android-debloater)?

Since it’s bundled with the stock ROM, if you

you are basically just hiding it. That isn’t enough. universal-android-debloater is doing the same thing.

There are 3 options:

  • Use a ROM without it
  • Mask it with Magisk
  • Install it in a work profile using Shelter, as mentioned above


Hallo Community,
ich bin neu hier, habe mir ein Fairphone 4 gekauft und bin dabei, mich zurecht zu finden. Ich lade meine Apps prioriesierend aus FDroid Store herunter. Aus diesem Grund habe ich auch alle Google Apps deaktiviert, da ich mit Nextcloud, Cryptomator und Co. alle meine Bedürfnisse abdecken kann.

Jetzt ist mir aufgefallen, dass in meiner Kamera App die Vorschau bei deaktivierter Fotoapp von Google nicht möglich ist. Als Foto Anzeige App (Veraltung) nutze ich die großartige App Aves aus FDroid. Wenn ich jetzt ein Bild knipse, dieses schnell anschauen möchte passiert beim klick auf den Vorschau Knopf der Kamera App nichts (Google Fotos ist ja deaktiviert). Kann man das irgendwo einstellen?


Hello Community,
I’m new here, bought a Fairphone 4 and am in the process of finding my way around. I download my apps from the FDroid Store as a priority. For this reason I have also deactivated all Google Apps, as I can cover all my needs with Nextcloud, Cryptomator and Co.

Now I noticed that in my camera app the preview is not possible with deactivated photo app from Google. I use the great app Aves from FDroid as a photo display app (switching). When I take a picture and want to view it quickly, nothing happens when I click on the preview button in the camera app (Google Photos is deactivated). Is there anywhere I can set this?

Hi and welcome, I moved your question here, there is a workaround described above, however its not trivial (at least in my eyes). I’m used to not having the preview function.


What ist shelter and how does it work?

Shelter (F-Droid|G-Play) is an app to create and manage work profiles.

You can use it for example for apps you don’t want to have access to the rest of your system, or, like in this case, to install duplicates of apps that are already installed.
Nice if you need the same messenger app with different accounts as well.


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Some Gcam ports allow that, too

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Do you know which one?

BSG for example, Wichaya also when I used it the last time.

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for BSG this might have changed, at least 8.7 v6 does not it seems…

8.7.250 v10

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I’ve just download Open Camera from F-Droid. It seems good, nicer than the stock FP4 camera app. Gets rid of that stupid ‘Google Photos is not installed’ message that I have always had with the stock FP4 camera app.

Good enough to stick with and try out, for sure.

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