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Hello, I planned to buy a Fairphone 4 but I’ve met only bad reviews about the quality of the camera…
Is there any gcam aleternative that would erase that problem that I could install?

If so, I would be down to buy a Fairphone for sure (hesitating with the A53 samsung)

PS: Also I read most of the thread but I’m terrible when it comes to photos and installing third partys apps, so I’m kinda lost between all your messages haha

Nothing can erase the ‘problem’ but have you not read the above wherein users have mitigated the issue.

A lot depends upon what you are used to and what you want to do. The forum represents a small part of 1% of users.

I’m used to a bad camera, I got a Samsung J6 2018 before. But I definitely want to increase the camera quality for my next buy.

I’ve read part of thead above, but to be honest I’m french and as I can speak and read english, people here using quite ‘technical’ vocabulary, it loses me a bit haha

I wanna have the possibility to make good photos without having to constantly adapt parameters to photo-situations! I don’t want a ‘good-in-off’ camera as I had before

Hope I made myself clear

You can create a new topic in French :slight_smile:

Yep, hoping people knowing the things can answer in french

La situation avec la camera du Fairphone 4 est la suivante: Dans l’état, aujourd’hui, elle fait des photos disons, “perfectibles”. Ce n’est pas un problème de l’appareil, mais du logiciel, donc nous (utilisateurs) espérons qu’ils vont l’améliorer dans une prochaine version. Il y a déjà eu une amélioration du logiciel camera par le passe, c’est donc possible.

En attendant, et sinon, il est tout à fait possible d’utiliser à la place un autre logiciel (il y en a plusieurs), avec des bien meilleurs résultats, mais malheureusement dans l’état (encore une fois, aujourd’hui) aucun de ces logiciels tiers ne reconnaît l’objectif grand angle du FP4. Ceci aussi est une chose qui pourra changer dans un futur proche/lointain.

Bref, pour l’instant la situation côte camera n’est pas parfaite. Ceci pourra changer d’un instant à l’autre tout comme rester ainsi pour les années à venir. On n’en sait rien, donc si la camera est votre souci principal, le Fairphone n’est (à ce jour) peut-être pas votre meilleur choix.

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Merci beaucoup pour l’effort de résumé et de traduction !!

L’utilisation du grand-angle n’est vraiment pas ma priorité, auriez-vous un logiciel tiers performant à conseiller dans l’état actuel des choses ?

Si ce problème de caméra est vraiment le seul “gros” défaut pour un usager lambda et qu’il peut être en grande partie réglé avec une applications tierce, cela me va.

Moi j’utilise “Open Camera”, il est simple à utiliser et assez complet pour satisfaire le semi-pro (en Anglais). A télécharger sur Play Store, ça s’installe comme tout autre logiciel.

Pour pouvoir utiliser le FP4 à pleine puissance, il faut changer dans le menu des paramétres (Settings) la “Camera API” (première page, vers le bas) vers “Camera2”.

(Notez que la page Play Store dit qu’il contient des pubs, en fait non, pas du tout. C’est le site web du créateur qui en contient…)


Mais Open Camera ne enregiste pas RAW (.dng).

This topic is for the GCam not Open Camera

Photo settings > Raw > DNG

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Thank you, works for STD mode.

So you have it working :slight_smile:

gcam 8.6:
I noticed, that after playing with HDR settings flash setting is disabled. No chance to change off/auto/on (even if HDR is off). After forced kill of gcam flash settings are active again.

Is it just me having this problem?

Which GCam Port? Nikita, BSG, Wichaya…?and what means playing around with HDR settings exactly?

It’s BSG 8.6
Tried it a minute ago. It seems that the problem ist not repeatable. I’ll keep an eye on that and will report if it occurs again.

Hi, which is currently the best GCam port for the FP4?
And are there any config files available, so that the wide angle camera works?

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I would suggest that you try Nikita, Wichaya and BSG and see what works best for you. Personally, I am happy with the Nikita port. No config will actually help you with the wide angle camera, as the problem is that it is not yet accessible via the API. But it should be fixed, hopefully soon. See:

I would be interested in that as well. To everyone else: What do you think are the pros and cons of the different ports? I had tried to write a little bit along. But now I don’t know if that is correct and still up to date:


  • wrong time in file name
  • Use of third party gallery apps like Simple Gallery possible???

Nikita (NGCam):

  • FF4 gets hot
  • colors more realistic than BigKaka
  • Usage of third party gallery apps like Simple Gallery possible???

BigKaka (AGC):

  • looks brighter and more colorful than Nikita
  • third party gallery apps like Simple Gallery are possible
  • without awb (white balance) possibly better photos


  • does not support third party gallery apps like Simple Gallery

As @Razem wrote, no config will help you with wide angle camera and Fairphone will someday (hopefully) adopt the patch from CalyxOS. What ROM are you using? With stock ROM only waiting will help. As I said, CalyxOS has already solved it. Official LOS has seemingly adopted the patch as well. IodéOS will surely follow soon. How it looks with /e/OS and DivestOS, I do not know.

When you dont run FPOS or want to root or use shelter its possible with

Cant confirm and actually never heard about this…


Is this generally the case with all Gcam ports?