Camera & Camera2 API - missing features & bugs

I’m now also able to use the Wide-angle lens with OpenCamera on CalyxOS 4.3.2 but resolution is still locked at 12 MP. Any idea how, if this can be changed to the maximum supported HW resolution?

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I was hopefully able to convince them that using multiple cameras isn’t as problematic as they claim. But I’m not really sure about the high resolution. As far as I know, even the stock camera app uses some alternative mode to access it. Is there any standard way to do this using the API?

Also see:


Not sure if this is known or important or not,

According to the Iode dev Calyx work is based on this…


I have seen that the CalyxOS update has now arrived in stable. Has this solved the Gcam problem? Or by the configs of Gcam?

Nope, there haven’t been further changes to the camera framework, stable in Calyx is just a beta that didn’t exhibit bugs.

I still think this is a GCam issue and not related to Camera2, so this should probably be continued in either the GCam or Calyx topics.
I haven’t had much time to play with the settings, but maybe others are closer to a solution :thinking:


And we have another response:

Our team reviewed the resources you shared about camera sensor availability.
A software build which addresses that is currently being tested. I can’t say which exact release will include the change, but I still wanted to let you know that it’s on its way sooner rather than later.

So hopefully we’ll see the update soon. :partying_face:



I make a check with “Camera 2 Probe”.
For Camera 2 APi, it show :slight_smile:
“Hardware support level : level 3
→ but X Full / X Limited / X External / X Legacy”
Could’you, for the newbie I am, explain this ?

Thx a lot !

Did I undestood it right, that they will finally fix the Camera API stuff in A12?
And would that mean, that the ToF sensor would be finally readable and used for other things (not only AF)?

I wouldn’t say fix, it’s still broken in other ways. :smiley: But at least all cameras should be accessible, including the ToF sensor.

Just did the update to android 12, ran the camera2 probe. Still no wide angle and still no tof showing up. I thought this was supposed to be the update that fixed it, sadly I can see now that it isn’t. Is there a custom rom that does support 3rd party camera apps that passes the safetynet check (I want to use mobile banking and I play some Pokémon go)


That’s sad to hear, I honestly expected it too.

eOS seems to be. I can use wide camera, SafetyNet is ok, banking apps work at least for me, from Italy)

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CalyxOS works with third party camera support, though no ToF Sensor support, as far as I know.
Also, safetynet does pass and pretty much all apps work, but it is microG, mot google services, so some inconviniences in favor of better privacy.

1 Like appears to be gone. Anmy idea of why, or where to acquire it now?

Since you state that SafetyNet passes, is that by default—that is, without Magisk? Additionally, does Google Pay work? I do not believe that my installation of CalyxOS on my Pixel 3 passed SafetyNet.

Yes, by default. I think they added safetynet support like half a year ago or so, but not sure.

About gpay, I do not have or use it but I think on the microG Github they say the newer version, based on flutter, works. Though no garanties.
My banking apps all work fine though (Germany)

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sounds interesting…
Strange that the app has disappeared from the Playstore. You can still get it here:

But, would that be a good idea to download it from this source?

After CalyxOS and LOS, Wide Angle now also works in iodéOS for all third-party apps. :slightly_smiling_face:


Depends upon the reason that it was removed, and whether APKPure is trustworthy. I don’t know the answer to either confoundry, but I am thankful for the link.

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On the developer’s website, his app is still mentioned. Unfortunately, there is no reason why it was deleted from the Play Store.

If someone dares to install the app from APKPure, feedback would be nice if the night vision photos or videos work with LOS, CalyxOS or iodé. Then we might know if the TOF sensor works. If it doesn’t work, though, it doesn’t say much, as it could also be because the app doesn’t work with the FP. Officially, the app is only compatible with a few specific smartphones.