FP4 - gcam-port

Does this work here on the Fairphone?


Does what work ??? ???

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Thats the nightsight astrophotography setting of the Gcam Port…

@StevenHachel I did not test it so far

Have a look here

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My effort


Is there a consensus on the best gcam version for general picture quality.and nightmode?


That’s not using night mode or astrophotography but if it does, the quality is very low.

This is what I shot with my Pixel 3, 3 years ago. By now the quality has improved already.


Don’t see why you posted about the Pixel 3 when this is clearly asking for advice onthe FP4 ???

From how I read this thread, there was a question if astrophotography worked with Gcam on the FP4. I don’t think it works as it should. And I posted an example to demonstrate it.


After I had to reset my phone, no gcam port works for me.It either freezes on startup or starts with no camera signal. Is it just me?

Latest BSG on both stock FPOS as well as CalyxOS still working fine for me :thinking:

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Nikita is still working fine since several months, version 8.2 1.8 with recent FPOS

Weird, not for me on FP4.FP4I.A.175.20221207

Hi @Discostu36!

Have you checked the permissions for the app? Maybe it crashes because it doesn’t have the permissions set in the settings?

Hope it helps!

I have granted all permissions.

Can you try installing Camera2 API Probe? What does it report? I noticed you’ve been having other problems lately (Aktivieren der Trageerkennung funktioniert nicht). Did something happen to your phone?

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My phone was in repairs because of a defective screen.

I had a strange issue where the front camera crashed on BSG. It fixed itself after a few restarts though. Truly strange.

Yeah, I went back to the 8.6.x BSG as well for the time being, the newest 8.7.x version is still a bit too unstable at the moment.

BSG 8.6.263 works. Thanks!