FP4 Camera questions

I’ve read the long thread that followed the astrology question but that thread went into all directions. Although it started with trying to take pics of the norhtern light here, I have a simpler question. I don’t want to discuss the hardware, I know a phone cam is not a replacement for a proper camera, I am just trying to get the best out of what is in hand. I only recently got the FP4 and have not had the time to find out about all the settings.

All pictures of the northern light were pitch black, and a test with a garage with a light only brough up a very dim part of the image. As if the light sensor is not working.

Inside a dimly lit room I tried the settings and it was curious to see that (in the stock camera app, Pro mode) when setting the shutter speed to 1/8 the preview got brighte and setting it to 1/4, 1/3 and 1/2, the preview was black, as if it was too high for the camera or app to process. Has anyone seen that?

I now have the FV-5 Lite app, see what that does. Any tips on the right settings for taking pictures in the dark? Or any other camera apps?

And a second question… The 48MP photos are 8000x6000 but when zooming in they don’t seem to be sharper, as if the image was just blown up digitally. Can I clean the sensors in a better way? Some settings I am unaware of to make the result look better?


Do you meant this forum thread?

Else there are further topics especailly around using the Gcam Port

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