FP4 battery life got worse after Android 13 update

Dear all,

The battery life of my FP4 got noticeably worse after the Android 13 update. I recently bought a new battery to get better battery life and it my battery was lasting around 1.5 days with normal usage. After the update to Android 13, I barely make it through the day.
One theory I have is that the newly added animations when opening and closing apps are more expensive. But of course this cannot be the only reason.
Has anyone experienced this? Is there a way to disable these animations?

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I doubt the energy consumption from animations would be noticeable.


I have the same problem with the FP4 since the update to Android 13.
The only solution is to deactivate 5G, but that can’t be the solution.
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I also have noticed a decreased battery life.

Is the setting 5G on?

Yes it is. But I also had in on before the upgrade to Android 13.

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Perhaps it’s an idea to disable 5G and see if that helps.

But why should I have to disable 5G just so that my battery lasts an entire day? 5G was one of the reasons why I bought the phone in the first place, and it worked fine before the upgrade to Android 13. The baseline of what a software update should deliver is the exact same performance and functionality across the board. If on top of that is also adds functionality and performance, that’s great. If an update regresses functionality or performance is any way, that should be clearly communicated in advance so that users can decide to update.
I’m now stuck with Android 13 and have to decide if I want to have fast internet or a battery that lasts an entire day.


It is good to know whether 5G is the/one bottleneck for the battery life so that the developers can try to fix it.


Fair enough, I will disable it for tomorrow and get back to you.

I doubt, that 5G is a potential bottleneck.
I run Android 13 on my FP4 with 5G and I hardly notice any difference. In fact, if at all, I would rather say it lasts longer thank before.

5G consumption highly depends on the local BTS configuration around you. There are many frequency bands and other differences, and your distance to the BTS matters. Plus the provider can just have it wrongly implemented. It seems to me most of these 5G problems lie somewhere in between the provider and FP. Sometimes, FP can hack around it, and sometimes, the provider is responsible for a fix. @matse21 you can right away try calling your provider and asking if there is a chance they will have a look at the issue you’re having.

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Please see here FP4 Battery life - #199 by oddfellow
I noticed high consumption with Cellular Connectivity with 5G deactivated as my plan does not support this anyway.

What I notice since Android 13, when I go back to 4G, the battery performance is the same as before. In France I only have 4G connections, but in Switzerland I am always on the 5G networks, even though I have switched off 5G. The battery performance is not affected.
However, when I switch to 5G in Switzerland, the same problem with the battery occurs again.
So I suspect problems with the implementation in the new release, as well as problems with the French provider.

I also noticed a significant reduction of battery life. I had before 5G in use witn Android 12, I cannot understand why this is so terrible now.
I also have the feeling that it charges much faster than before, maybe someone can measure it (I don´t know how to downgrade to Android 12). Could it be that the battery is not fully utilized now?

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Disabling 5G seemed to have increased my battery. What is interesting is that I’m currently in a country without 5G.

For me battery life did not increase after disabling 5g. Still “Cellular connectivity” is the major power consumer.

After the update to TP1X.X.079, which I installed this weekend, the battery performance seems to be a lot better even with 5G activated.

Yes, it seems to me the phone draws a lot more when locked and not doing anything. Consumption while being used seems maybe a bit worse, but not anything crucial.

I’ve had a similar experience - my battery was comfortably getting me through the day, but as things were following the latest update but without changing my usage it was running out in less than a day. After reading these posts I tried turning off data regularly and the battery life has shot back up.

However in my normal usage I’d like the ability to receive messages (WhatsApp etc) when they are sent, rather than when I have time to turn data on and check. I hope this gets sorted in a future update.