Fp4 - android auto - reboot


Hier en utilisant android auto et google maps, j’ai connu un nombre important de reboot intempestif de mon fp4.

Qqun a t’il vécu cela ou aurait une piste ?


→ android 12
→ FP4.SP21.B.048.20230215
→ android auto version 9.0.630864-release


Des problèmes similaires ont été rapportés par le passé (FP2, FP3). Plus lié au déplacement + changement de mât (cellule) qu’à l’utilisation d’apps particulières. Probablement exacerbé par l’utilisation de données mobiles (data). Si possible, couper data, ou revenir à 3G et sans LTE.

Exemple récent:

plus ancien …

Merci de ces informations. Elles semblent corroborer mes observations.
J’étais effectivement en voiture avec google maps activé (via android auto).
Élément à noter, c’était une des premières fois que j’étais en zone 5G (je ne sais pas si ça joue) et j’'ai eu l’impression que mon FP4 chauffait plus.

Il se peut, oui. La prochaine fois, avant de partir, passez votre connexion data en 3G:

Paramètres > Réseau et Internet > Réseau mobile 1 > Type de réseau préféré > 3G/2G

1 - Si vous avez deux SIMs, sélectionnez celui utilisé pour les données mobiles.

Bien évidemment, la bande passante sera sérieusement réduite mais si cela évite les reboot c’est quand même mieux que rien! Revenir en 5/4/3/2G une fois le trajet terminé.
Nous serons intéressés de connaître les résultats.

Hello I have exactly the same problem (4 consecutive reboots at least) in the high speed train with my FP4. It seems that it’s due to the 5G because after switching to 4G there’s no reboot anymore.

Can FAIRPHONE teams solve this problem ?

I’ve had the same problem multiple times during traveling, both by train and by car. Once when I was with someone else that owns a FP4, they both rebooted at exactly the same moment.

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I’m have the same issue: FP4 reboots while driving (using Android Auto and Google Maps).
FP4, Android 12; FP4.SP2G.B.079.20230624

I’ve seen several mentions of this (or similar) issues on the Community Forum. Does anyone know if this has been picked up by FP support? I’ve seen suggestions to switch to 3G before starting a drive, but frankly that is not the kind of solution I was hoping for…

Only an official ticket with support can make them pick that up and everyone having that issue should report it contactsupport

This topic here btw is quite old. So which other topics have you seen for the FP4?

I submitted a support ticket for this issue.

Regarding your question about other topics mentioning this issue, I was probably confused. Since I was also experiencing GPS issues while driving, I had a look at this topic Android Auto - no/bad GPS after update FP4 to Android 12

I’m not sure if there are any other forum topics dealing with FP4 crashes while using Android Auto.

I just thought I’d report back that FairPhone support suggested I’d turn of 5G and test again. I’ve done this and I haven’t had any reboots while driving since. Now, it is hard to say the issue will never occur again (I’ll report back if it does) but my experience seems to confirm a hypothesis held by the Support team that the 5G setting might in fact be responsible for these kinds of crashes (rather than Android Auto or Google Maps). Other users in this thread mentioned the same theory.

Anyway, if anyone else struggles with the same issue, it might be worthwhile to test switching off 5G for a while and see if it makes any difference.

Hello everyone,
Ok I have the same bloody issue with my Fairphone 4.
And I’m reassured that I’m not alone, I send a E mail to the support to see the reaction and to make sure they know.
I read something about the 5g, I’ll definitely will try it but I’m a bit worried about that because last year I have the same issue with my Fairphone 3+ and I haven’t 5g on it, but anyway let’s try it.
Have a good day everyone