FP3 Software update: 8901-4.A.0022.0

Hi everyone,

A new software update for Fairphone 3 and 3+ users is now available.

Software Version: 8901.4.A.0022.0
Security Patch Level: 5th of April, 2023
Update size: 13.83 MB

List of changes:

  • Updated Fairphone Activation Client App

This is mostly a security patch update and there should be no impact to your daily usage.
If you have any questions, post them below.


Arrived here tonight (Germany | Provider: Simply); installed right now. No Bad effects so far :wink:



what android version layer is this, please post precise information. i guess this is not yet an A13 update but i start to forget the android level of FP3 to begin with :confused:

This is still Android 11; like written above:


Android 13 is in beta, it’ll come in a few months :wink:

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And you can still apply to be a beta tester : Fairphone 3 beta program signup instructions - Signup open! 🟢


Just before going to bed yesterday, I quickly installed the mentioned update, then turned off the Fairphone and connected it to the charger, battery level was at about 60%. This morning I was shocked to find that the battery level is only at 45%.

The yellow LED light is on, and I have the same problem that others have described here: Fairphone 3's charging LED is yellow, but battery is not charging (no flash in battery symbol)

The power saving mode icon is grayed out and cannot be selected.

I’ve only had the Fairphone for four and a half months and have never had any charging issues in that time. Since the problem first appeared right after the update last night, I wonder if there might be a connection?

Currently, I can only use the Fairphone when it’s plugged into the charger, and even then it loses battery power faster than it charges. So as a mobile device it is unusable at the moment.

Does anyone have an idea what I can do?

like written above? nothing about android11 is mentioned in the thread starter post. anyhow i forgot that fp3 was still on and11 but i remember now :wink: too sad that technical posts lack essential and elementary things.

As a user who updated yesterday and don’t have the problem you described, I think it could be due to something else.

Did you install a new app ? Do you have another battery or can a Fairphone angel lend you one to see if this helps ?

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Maybe try if its better in safe mode, instructions here #dic:safemode

If better its a third party app, as those will be disabled by safe mode

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Okay, I have solved the problem. I removed the battery and put it back in, now it charges reasonably again.
Actually, it’s a little bit a shame that I didn’t try this first, since I suspected a software error due to the update. But I still have to get used to the fact that you can take apart everything with Fairphone :slight_smile:

The timing with the update was probably just coincidental.


A bit of a nitpicker today? Usually that´s my title :wink:
Forgive @Yasen_Tomov for that he forgot to mention the A11 in the title. Nobody´s perfect

Somehow during the update I already had the feeling that it would be better to take a screenshot but I was too lazy uploading it directly. I should have known better :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So before anymore questions about that arise - here it is: the obligatory screenshot

It seems like something went horribly wrong for me. Since this update (and never before) my FP3 constantly loses, and then reestablishes, the connection to the mobile net. This stops when I disable 4G and only use “automatic 3G/2G”. This effectively shuts me out of mobile internet, as 3G was shut down in Germany.

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Have you tired a reboot?

Yes, I even made a complete shutdown, took out the battery and plugged the SIM card out and in, just to be sure.

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Installed the update yesterday and am happy to report that there are no problems with it so far :grinning:


On the Fairphone 3(+) OS Manual Installation page there is still the previous version linked. Where can I download the current ROM?

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I experience the same problem. When I manually select a 4G network, I can restore a 4G connection, but usually it switches back to Edge after a few minutes. I restarted the phone without the affected SIM card and then re-inserted it, but the problem persists.

Installed this update 2 days ago, so far no problems until now. Usually when installing an update I use a very safe routine. First step shutdown the FP not just restart the phone. Second step start the FP and install the update. Follow the informations given while of the update process. Wait untill the message “update successfully done” apears. Last step shutdown the FP again. Doing it this way all updates within the last 2 years had been without any curios behaviours as sometimes mentioned in this forum. Just the well known problems of some updates, for example brightness of the display occured. This problems had allways been fixed by FP with additional updates very soon after the problems had been recognized. But there never happened any big other things. So at all I am very satisfied with the FP3. I hope the FP3 will be supported with updates within the next years, to enable the usability of this Mobile Phone for a long time. Expecting this was one of the main reasons to buy a FP.


I updated yesterday (Italy, operator COOPVoce, a MVNO based on TIM GSM/GPRS network) and everything seems to be OK.


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