FP3 Software update: 8901-4.A.0022.0


Since I updated to this new android version 2 days ago I have two big issues :

  • the consumption of the battery is very fast, with few apps open (whatsapp, photo and newspapers only)
  • all the available free data space disappeared. I deleted photos and apps (at least 4 to 5 Go) to make free space but it almost immediately afterwards.

I am quite lost.
Thanks in advance for your help

Hi and welcome to the forum.

It does happen that OS updates set off a test and extra consumption which may calm down.

Have you rebooted the phone. Hold the power button for 10 secs at least, rest for 10 and reboot.

You can try to start in safe mode to see if that is better and then enable the apps one by one, which may indicate if it is an app or not

Do you have an SD card and is it formatted as portable? if not that may be a problem

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Hi amoun,
Thank you for your reply. I am trying safe mode right now. I will give you a feedback afterwards during the day. I am not sure how to enable app one by one in safe mode.

I dont really know if my SD card is formated as portable, how could I see it ?
I have migrated photos into th SD card and freed around 20 Go of space.

I will come back later to give you a feedback.

Settings > Storage . . . you should see an eject icon by the side of the SD card if it’s portable.

Thanks for the info. I can see an eject icon. It must be formatted as portable.

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I have quitted safe mode, and reused my FP3 as normal. I have used a few apps and tried to use the one that is most energy hungry I have : tiktok.

The FP3 lost 9% battery in 20min. The consumption is better but still higher than usual.

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Although this doesn’t address the update coincidence, how old is the battery and to what level did you charge it.

Battery charge decay is not read linearly . The top 10 % maybe three times the power capacity as that around 30%

I usually charge my battery when it is below 40% if I notice and charge to 80%, again if I’m paying enough attention.

A few days ago I charged to 100% for the second time in a couple of weeks. I haven’t used the phone much this last few days and the battery is 2.5 years old.

Here is a screen shot of the battery status.

Sometimes I only get a day and a half etc.

Hi amoun,

It was the first 10% of the battery (so between 100 and 90%).
It is a battery I purchased last year in august 2022. So it has less than a year. I charge it every night until 100%. That maybe a wrong habit if I understood well.

The battery consumption has returned to normal since Sunday. I can’t figure out for which reason but the issue is gone.

Kudos for having such good performances after 2.5 year.

One way to reduce wear, via heat is to charge slowly when it is warm, in the summer for example.

The best ‘advice’ from studying reports and my own data is that a smaller range with most of that above 50% is the best, so (40% to 80%) for keeping wear down a bit (30% to 90%) for more use, but neither will help much if the battery gets warm. 20° to 30° is optimum. Lower temps require more force to charge and hence create heat, with a high temp it won’t take much to damage the battery so slow charging maybe from a non QC charger.

Still tis good to know yours has settled so thanks for the update.

The battery has a two year warranty so don’t worry about charging really.

The Fairphone support made a suggestion that solved my problem: I simply switched places between my two SIM cards.