FP3 screen timeout and caller ID problems

Hello, I wonder if anyone can help me with 2 little glitches? I recently got a brand new Fair phone 3 after having a Fairphone 2 for many years

The first one is that my screen times out after 15 seconds inactivity, regardless of what timeout I’ve put in the settings. This is really annoying when trying to read and write on my phone. I found one post from someone who had this issue on FP2… Any fixes for FP3?

The second is that almost every call I receive comes up as Unknown number, even when it turns out to be someone in my contacts ( which I allowed to sync from Google). This means I can’t call them back and find out who they are and what they wanted, unless they also leave a voicemail or send an SMS…very bad for friendships and business alike!

Any suggestions are very much appreciated, thanks

Have a look here for a workaround: Bug: Android 10 FP3 - Unknown Caller


I’ve got the same problem here with Vodafone. They say it’s
a technical problem they are looking inside on their side.
They do say so since weeks, but I cannot really work with
the GSM that way, my company has started to do legal
steps now.

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Hi mykp

Yes this is really annoying for those who are affected.

As I expect you know, this problem has occurred in the past but the most recent manifestation was linked to the August 5th update of Android (3.A.0129.20210805) and widely discussed in this thread.

Note: Interesting that the original post of this thread, written in October last year, mentions two problems very close to the two that occurred again with the 20210805 update. To me, the “timeout” problem described by corylus_avellana might well be confused with the adaptive brightness problem – indeed I thought it was just another thread about the August update until I saw the date of the original post and realised that the thread had just been brought back to the top by mykp’s contribution.

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