FP3 Random uncontrolled behaviour

Hi all,
I have been using my FP3 since December, but over the last month or so I have been experiencing quite random behaviours almost daily. For instance, when I am using Whatsapp or Twitter, and spend a bit either texting or scrolling down the screen, the screen would start not reacting and doing things on its own, such as: open chats/tweets, scrolling up/down, calling contacts, opening other apps (clock and alarm most frequently), disabling the wifi and setting the airplane mode… all on its own, flickering and without me interacting at all with the phone. To stop it I just block the phone and when unblocking it it would work well again although reacting quite slowly, but I’m having this issue multiple times a day now.

I have no idea what might be the reason for this, and I would like to know if there is any procedure to try to fix it or if I should contact Support.

Many thanks!!

Hi Javier!

I haven’t heard about that problem on FP3’s yet, but some people had it with their FP2’s. Maybe this thread can help you too:

Also, try to disassemble your display, clean the contacts and assemble it again using this tutorial. For me it sounds like a loose contact.

I have the same problem. I bought my FF3 in januari but it only started a few weeks ago. It happened like 3-10 times a day, making is really irritating to use the phone. I did a full factory reset 1 week ago, since then it happened only once, on the same day I resetted.

A topic about the same problem:

Yep. I have now contacted support about it; I’ll update here with the outcomes.

Thanks! Let us know if you find out how to solve the issue

I’m having same problems, I assumed my screen was broken though- not that there is any visible physical damage,

Someone could link such issues with the automatic Google Play Service update, needed for the new Corona App…