FP3+: Private DNS ressolver issue on some apps after update to Android 13

Hello all,

As I’ve just performed the update to Android 13 and while I read about

I was risky enough to try it.
And so far so good, except for the fact that I’m using NextDNS as a private DNS resolver.

And for some apps (at least 2 found so far)
Whenever I’m over a 4G network, the app complains that there is no internet.

It works when I’m over wifi
and some apps work as well on a 4G connection (for instance app X works fine over 4G but app Y has the issue and states that no connection could be found)

So far, as a workaround, I turned off the dedicated DNS and went back to a default setup without NextDNS

However, there seems to be a regression somewhere (might as well be on the Android stack, as I stumbled upon

Any idea on this one is more than welcomed :slight_smile:

as I’d like to keep using an alternate DNS.


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You’re likely right. Did you check other fora? AOSP?


I have exactly the same issue, discord doesn’t work on the telecom network, fairphone site also doesn’t not work, some others app never found the network.

I have no solution for the moment to keep custom DNS, and thanks for the tips to remove it to keep the phone working. (I was more thinking about a SSL certificat issue than a DNS issue.

I will probably take it for an opportunity to test /e/ but Fairphone make myself in an unpleasant situation this week because of this issue.

I advise you to open a ticket

So I just received 6.A.020.0 update and as the release notes were mentioning network / DNS improvements I figured I would test if the issue is still there

And it is still there unfortunately.

Sorry for getting back this late.
No as I use my FP3+ as my daily driver I don’t have the opportunity to do that unfortunately.

NextDNS team advised to potentially check with other DNS providers so that at least I can rule this part out.
I think it might be easier than to flash the whole stack (still possible but not on my end).


I reply here because I have a similar (but different) issue.

I also updated my Fairphone 3 to Android 13 a few months ago. Along with other minor issues discussed in the topic FP3+: Issues with Android 13 update , I had this issue :

When I’m using mobile data (wifi is fine), some sites or services just don’t work. Like Justin, discord doesn’t work on the telecom network for example. What’s different for me is that it does this whereas I don’t use a private DNS.

First I thought I could resolve the issue with the Discord support. And actually they proposed one thing that partially resolved my issue. They advised me to use the cloudflare DNS (, Discord calls are now working perfectly. But there stays one major thing : when I share the connection of my phone, the phone seems to not use the DNS and I have the same old issue of not being able to use some specific services, such as Discord calls.

Could anyone on this thread resolve their DNS issue ? Does anyone know what could be going on regarding my issue ?


Welcome to the forum.

Is this a problem with the connected device that’s connecting to the Internet through the phone, or with the phone itself?

Thank you OldRoutard. The problem seems to be related with the phone because I have tried to share the connection with several devices, and I had the same issue on all the devices. I don’t know a lot about DNS ressolver but it seems that each device has its own DNS, which would explain why sharing the connection with my phone make the problem appear again.

For now I am trying to find a solution without factory reset the phone but if i don’t find any solution I might consider it.

Have you tried setting the DNS servers independently for the device(s) connecting through the phone?

Actually, I tried to do that. But it doesn’t seem to have worked. I’m not sure if this is because the problem remains, or if it’s because I configured the DNS incorrectly.

It may not be related to the phone, but to your telecom provider.
You may want to have a look at my post here https://help.nextdns.io/content/themes/images/permalink.svg?v=1707107374136 on the NextDNS forum and see if you are in the same situation.