FP3+: Private DNS ressolver issue on some apps after update to Android 13

Hello all,

As I’ve just performed the update to Android 13 and while I read about

I was risky enough to try it.
And so far so good, except for the fact that I’m using NextDNS as a private DNS resolver.

And for some apps (at least 2 found so far)
Whenever I’m over a 4G network, the app complains that there is no internet.

It works when I’m over wifi
and some apps work as well on a 4G connection (for instance app X works fine over 4G but app Y has the issue and states that no connection could be found)

So far, as a workaround, I turned off the dedicated DNS and went back to a default setup without NextDNS

However, there seems to be a regression somewhere (might as well be on the Android stack, as I stumbled upon

Any idea on this one is more than welcomed :slight_smile:

as I’d like to keep using an alternate DNS.


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You’re likely right. Did you check other fora? AOSP?


I have exactly the same issue, discord doesn’t work on the telecom network, fairphone site also doesn’t not work, some others app never found the network.

I have no solution for the moment to keep custom DNS, and thanks for the tips to remove it to keep the phone working. (I was more thinking about a SSL certificat issue than a DNS issue.

I will probably take it for an opportunity to test /e/ but Fairphone make myself in an unpleasant situation this week because of this issue.

I advise you to open a ticket

So I just received 6.A.020.0 update and as the release notes were mentioning network / DNS improvements I figured I would test if the issue is still there

And it is still there unfortunately.

Sorry for getting back this late.
No as I use my FP3+ as my daily driver I don’t have the opportunity to do that unfortunately.

NextDNS team advised to potentially check with other DNS providers so that at least I can rule this part out.
I think it might be easier than to flash the whole stack (still possible but not on my end).