FP3 OS availability

Hello ! My current phone is a FP2 with Fairphone Open, and I want to stay away from Google. I just bought a FP3 and I plan to flash it with the /e/ OS, to give it a try.

I would like to know if the FP3 OS is available if I want to rollback to it if the /e/ OS does not suit me.

Thanks !

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Yes you can flash back - E works great on FP3.

Nice ! Thanks you for your feedback on /e/ :slight_smile:

Do you know where I can download the original FP3 OS if I want to flash it back ? I only found the FP2 OS.

While Fairphone say for a while now “We are working towards making available: a flashable image for download and manual flash”, there is no such thing from Fairphone yet.
However, there are ways to reinstall the stock OS thanks to the community.

Resources of interest …

Else …

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