FP3: No billing address in Switzerland?

Hi everyone,

My friend is just trying to buy the Fairphone 3 and have it shipped to Switzerland. For this he must of course set a billing and shipping address in Switzerland - but Switzerland does not appear on the drop-down list of countries. In my account, the Swiss address appears still set, probably because I set it already a few years ago.
I first thought it could be because Switzerland is not in the EU and the list only shows EU countries (Norway is also missing), but Liechtenstein is on the list despite being outside the EU.

Does anybody know the reason or a solution for this? I already ordered my FP3 and don’t want it to be sent to Nirvana…

Thanks! Linus

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I can confirm. Switzerland and Norway are not in the dropdown menu.
According to the support pages Fairphone does deliver there, there are just additional fees/taxes.
So this must be a mistake on the website.

@Monica.Ciovica could you investigate?


Your friend might consider to buy from a Swiss reseller


Try this address:

Really weird how they did this… And quite weird how the the tax-free price is more expensive than the tax-free price published from the regular shop (€371.90). I guess that they have extra taxes which are not related to VTA, but it would be nice to have an explanation.


According to the toc of their recycling-program, they do deliver to Switzerland and Norway:

Point 2.6

2.6 The Fairphone 3 will only be delivered to the European continental countries of the following states: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holy See (Vatican City State), Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The UK .

Boldface added by me.

When you click in the symbol for language and location next to the log-in symbol, both countries are listed as delivery location.
Maybe you have to make the correct choice there first?

Btw: Is it just me?
I can not add the phone to the cart! No button available.

Yeah the botton is gone for me too today.

Btw, everything else in your post has been posted before. :wink:

Huh, that’s really weird. But also, when you scroll down it says “out of stock” in the top bar. I could imagine that this is only meant for resellers? Funny detail: When you switch to German, the “out of stock” changes to just an angry “NEIN”. :smiley:

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In this thread?
Sorry, I don’t happen to see it.
I know of other threads, as I did post it there myself.
Should I have linked to those threads instead of the source? Didn’t seem to be as effective to me. :wink:

Well, I was wondering for a while, that the estimated time for delivery did not change anymore. Though I never checked for the “Add to cart”-button.
This is a valid explanation.

I read in an article, that FP expects to sell 40,000 phones this year.
Maybe they have been overwhelmed by the demand, or the supply-problems are more serious.

Yes, in this topic. :arrow_double_up:

Yeah, sure.
Linking to the supports page - for the list of countries FP delivers to - is like sending someone to the city center asking for a post office; rather unspecific, therefor a specified where to find that information.

Btw.; When you take a look at the german version of the toc for the recycling program there is no list of those countries.

And giving a specific address for switzerland does not explain what is behind and how to find this page for yourself.

I just tried to give some more explanation.

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Indeed, one can create a swiss adress only after switching the location first. That’s really inconvenient and I would consider this a bug of the website.


You are right. I will add it to the “bug list”

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The team is looking at fixing this issue - but for now, for Norway, Switzerland, you have to first select ‘Language and Location’ from the top right corner of the page and once you have that you can proceed to ordering. I attached some screenshots for clarity.


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