FP3+ : NFC doesn't work with the protective case

The sensitivity of the NFC receiver is too low.
When I use it with the protective case installed, the receiver no longer works.
La sensibilité du récepteur NFC est trop faible. Quand je l’utilise (pour l’application librelink) avec le capot protecteur, le récepteur ne fonctionne plus.

The sensor has a quite awkward position. See: NFC - where is it located?
So are you sure you use the phone correctly?


I was trying to get a stamp for the RWRD coffee app, and yes I had to take the bumper off to get a signal. Knowing exactly where the chip was is also rather useful too.

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Thank you Icanus. I have seen the location of the NFC receptor, but with the protective case installed, then sensibility is too weak. It’s a real problem for me, because I am using the freestyle application with NFC many times each day to measure my blood sugar and for that, I have to remove the protective case.

Not sure where the sensor is, but probably the FP3 Bumper would be an Option, although you would have to search second Hand? The bumper was initially sold with the FP3

I suppose you could cut out an area around the NFC antenna.


Kind of a feature if you consider it can work against scamming.


That seems to me a very good idea. Thank you really much.
I cut the small area of the protective case just above the NFC mark. This solution works perfectly.


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