NFC - where is it located?


Hey… I’ve been using my FP3 for a few days, and we are getting along fine.

However, I struggle a bit using Google Pay. On my old Huawei it worked like a charm, just holding the top of the phone close to the terminal.

I tried a few times with the FP3, succeeding ~50% of the time.

Now, I know NFC has a very limited range. Does anyone know where it is located precisely? Maybe I’m just “holding it wrong” :wink:


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You can see the NFC-Logo in the lower left corner of the back on official photos. And even on your device itself. That is, where the coil is located.


Well well, then I learned something new today :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answer! That will probably solve my issues connecting. I’ve been tapping the top area with the camera and fingerprint sensor, that’s way to far from the NFC coil.



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