FP3+: Issues with Android 13 update

I think that was never there in the AOSP recovery I only know from TWRP

Ok, thanks. So there is no way to wipe the cache partition on stock at all?

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Afaik, no. Not without root access.

To delete each app cache, I used a third-party app. However, use this option with caution :warning: because you will have to enable Accessibility Service and grant full control of the device.

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I just discovered that if I use WiFi, the is no problem, but when I switch it off, many apps hardly or don’t load at all. It happens with a certain type of information, like the tiles of info in Google drive, in share now, etc etc.
My work around: use the WiFi of my work phone…
It really seems like something is blocking certain ports or so, I use T-Mobile unlimited (so therefore I don’t even think about using WiFi ever when in EU).

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About the dial tone, as mentioned here:

As yet I’ve had only one issue with the dial tone that has gone into hiding and has been replaced with a big silence

To be clear: It is not about the ring tone, but the tones you usually hear when you call somebody. After the update there is (sometimes) nothing but dead air when starting a call.

This is a bit irritating, because you don’t know if you started the call correctly and you don’t realize when the phone is picked up on the other side, until the person speaks.

Interestingly this happens not all the time; sometimes the ring tones are there.
Anybody else realized that and found a workaround?
(I use Vodafone Germany.)


Hi folks,

I also was wondering why anybody made such a bad decision for such an ugly alignment but I think now after a while I found out what was the “intention” of this gap:

I guess that shall be an indicator to make the user aware that an app uses the cam at the moment (or got access to the cam hardware).

To prove it:
Activate any app that got access to the camera (for example take a picture).
You´ll see a green dot on the upper right corner.
Once the camera-using-app is minimized the greed dot fades away quickly after a few second leaving the lovely gap again in the status bar.

(FP while having a Camera app activated)

(the green dot on the upper right corner on the start screen)

[Excuse the more or less blurred pictures (it wasn’t even taken by a FP :crazy_face: ) but the screenshot functionality wasn´t able to catch this green dot.]

I assume this is an “invention” from google itself - in german we got a lovely word for this which unfortunatly can´t be translated properly:
(roughly meaning: trying to make something better by making it worse")


PS: Thx for freeing this post @yvmuell. Post is rephrased now

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There’s only one network available in the Netherlands: T-Mobile NL. AFAIK I can’t switch, nothing else pops up if I select non-automatic.

I got the strange situation after the A13 update that,
if my screen is locked then I can hear my own defined ringtone
if the screen is unlocked then I can hear that :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:-google default ringtone
(Both within the same caller app)

Got no idea to change that …

That´s one of the few minor issues which I´m experiencing since the update


PS: After the update I had magically set the google ring tones. I had to change that manually to my own ringtone but like said above this only works if the screen is locked :thinking:

This is not about the network, this is about the APN (Access Point Names) settings for the network, which need to be set to make internet work via the mobile network.
Usually this sorts itself out automatically, but as any automatic this can fail.

(At least Telekom in Germany has more than one set of APN settings, which differ in their handling of IPv4 and IPv6, and under unfortunate circumstances this was seen to cause certain websites or Apps contacting web services in the background to fail while other ones work.)

I found this for T-Mobile NL …


Please check whether the settings are correct on your phone.
You can search the Android “Settings” for access, “Access point names” should come up then (at least if the phone is set to English). In Access point names tap the active APN (are there others?), then check the settings in detail.
If in doubt, please contact T-Mobile NL support about this issue, they can help with their APN settings.


Oh my, all just works when I use the settings from the t mobile site. The difference between the standard apn seems to be the verification type (pap) and the name of the APN (internet instead of smart sites.tmobile). All works. Thank you so much!

Copy paste from the site (in Dutch, date 21 July 2023):
Als APN kun je smartsites.t-mobile of internet gebruiken
Profielnaam: T-Mobile Internet
Inbelnummer: *99#
Homepage (URL): http://pda.t-mobile.nl
Toegangspunt (APN): smartsites.t-mobile of internet
Gebruikersnaam: mag leeg blijven
Wachtwoord: mag leeg blijven
Netwerktype: IPv4
Proxy server adres: geen
Poort: 8080
IP-adres apparaat: automatisch
Naam servers: automatisch
Beveiliging (security opt): niet beveiligd
Verificatie: normaal


Not here. I upgraded some days ago and never had to wait more than 15 seconds for the SIM PIN prompt after entering the device PIN.
And no other issues so far, not using fingerprints :grinning:


By the way, I have experienced the delayed SIM unlock prompt on my FP3+ as well (several minutes) – on /e/OS (Android 12), and it’s been like that for months (perhaps it’s been like that since I switched to /e/OS almost two years ago). I just rarely notice it as I try to power off the device only rarely, when I have no choice.

I’m using /e/OS Android 12 on my Fairphone 3, and I can’t confirm this.
For me, the SIM PIN prompt usually comes up first thing after booting. I can remember rare occurrences when it didn’t, but then it was a delay of a few seconds, not minutes.

Could the mobile network provider play a role here? I’m with Telekom in Germany.


Good idea. Two SIMs here: WEtell (Vodafone) and ALDItalk (Telefonica).

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I almost forgot to add to this one:

It is indeed the case that the nav bar is fouled up now (here: white symbold on white nav bar, in both light and dark modes) on “editables” when “show virtual kbd” is set to “on” with an external kbd IME that doesn’t offer a GUI/virtual sibling.

Even if sby took the wording of the option the naive way (“why allow to ‘show a kbd’ that isn’t there?”), this is clearly not “graceful handling”.

And this option DOES indeed make sense. For me it’s the standard while at my desk:
If set it gives the external kbd with maximum screen space, AND the small kbd button to change things at any time.
If not set the button isn’t shown either, and there is no simple way to change things while the external kbd is enabled.

Another glitch which never happened before Android 13 upgrade:

While Google Chrome was open, I locked the screen. Pressing power button showed the last-used app (Chrome) on the lock screen. Device PIN prompt background is supposed to be black, but it also had the last-used app as the background. Also, I had to make several attempts to unlock the phone (didn’t unlock after entering the PIN).

This happened only once so far.
Animations are removed under Accessibility settings. Perhaps this was the cause?
This is not a screenshot accidentally set as lock screen.
This also leads to a privacy concern, because the app contents were visible on the lock screen.

Update went smoothly.
Only bug I am facing is daylight savings is not working.
I am currently in Egypt who went back to DST this year.
On 11 it was updated but now it just went back to GMT+2 and no DST.
hopefully an update will fix this

If you press the little square on the bottom right, you can see “screenshot” under the screen picture


On the [apps that are open] option there is the ‘little square’ centre bottom or a bit to the left of centre for a screenshot, but none bottom right :slight_smile: