Android 13 on the Fairphone 3(+)

Is that so? Really looks like the new Fairphone asthetic tho. Especially the pastel color schemes.

Nope. It’s a Google ‘Update’


Yes, Google introduced this in the Android 12 base for all Android OSes, it came to custom ROMs with Android 12, too.
I’m using /e/OS and got this with Android 12 a while ago. Fairphone skipped Android 12 on the Fairphone 3/3+, so Fairphone OS users are getting it now after the upgrade from Android 11 to 13.


Hi all!
If I want to upgrade to A13 with a fresh start, should I first upgrade to A13 and then perform a factory reset or should I first perform a factory reset and then upgrade to A13? What is the best way to start again (fresh with a new install of Android 13)?

I don’t think it matters at all. But be aware of the lack of fingerprint support for many banks and the weird [Material You] interface.

I’d say a factory reset and upgrade.

Ensure any SD card you use is formatted as Portable not Internal


For what its worth, my FP3 works fine after the update. No higher battery usage, no freezing, everything runs smoothly - so I’m happy. I’m also quite happy with the new look. I use Lawnchair, so I am not sure what is down to that. As yet I’ve had only one issue with the dial tone that has gone into hiding and has been replaced with a big silence, but I can live with that.
Thank you to the programmers who have done all the work.


First update and then do the factory reset. This makes it really a clean start (doing it otherwise might again mean imported legacy data). If you think that doing a factory reset at first may improve the update process, then why not doing a factory reset, then the update and finally another factory reset… :wink:


Thanks (also @anon9989719!)

Just upgrade to A13 (first reset than upgrade), now still installing some apps. For now only my banking app is not having fingerprint anymore (PIN is still okey for me). Bitwarden is functional and more apps that I use.


The update went smoothly; however, this old issue (which was fixed in A11 later in a patch) returned after updating to A13:

I had a similar issue (but with multisim). It seems that Android 13 changed something with the mobile data logic. For me mobile data can’t be activated for two sims at once. But it was, coming from Android 11. This lead to a complete deactivation of mobile data. Temporarily, this was fixed by going to airplane mode.

But after deactivating mobile data on both sims and activate one again, the problem was fixed. Maybe the last action could help you, too.

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I thought that was the standard, only one SIM can use data at a time. ??

do you think, like me, that a shortcut to switch between SIM card for data might be cool ?
Shortcut to switch data SIM

Yes, but in android 11 you had an extra option which sim should be used for mobile data, similar to the options for calls and sms. The option for mobile data vanished in 13 in now it is set by the mobile data toggle, which was also there in 11 but could be activated for both sims.
I think the options now are more consistent and easier to understand but my suspicion is that the change could lead to inconsistent settings for the system.

But I am really happy with the update. Had two freezes at the beginning, but now it is stable and faster than the later 11 releases, at least for me.

I’ve just updated yesterday. At first I did find the interface quite laggy, but after rebooting the device and waiting a bit it does now seem to be nice and smooth again. I’m not a huge fan of the colourscheme it has chosen but I think that is mostly due to my choice of wallpaper. So overall I am happy with the update so far.


A huge thank you to the decision to add an “extra dim” button that reduces the minimum brightness a little further!! Hopefully I can finally use my FP at night without a screen dimmer app now :smiling_face:

For those of you who haven’t found it yet: swipe down twice from top, go into edit mode via the pencil icon, find “extra dim” toggle tile somewhere further down and move it to your top tiles.

[Edit] just found out that there even is a slider that lets you set the intensity of the “extra dim” toggle! This lets you dim the display even further. Thanks so much :heart:


Ooh, I hadn’t found the slider - that is pretty good.

Same here! Just posted a workaround, that works for me. See this post.


Hi there,
I bought your product(FP3+) just over a year ago, because it aligned with my values(at this point you claimed a decade long support and recycling model).
I accepted that for the price-point this was an inferior phone spec-wise(but loved the inclusion of the jack port).
However, after your last update to A13(July 2023), this phone has become nearly unusable(on top of existing foibles vs mid-market competitors).
Seriously folks - I can’t even use half of the native android apps anymore since updating, did anyone actually bother playtesting this?
And is there any way to rollback?

Since your phone is totally unusable according to you, you could try a factory reset.

How unusable is the phone in safe mode ?

If the auto-rotate is activated, can you switch it off ?


As somebody who tested the beta Android 13, I cannot bear anymore all the complaints I receive from people complaining we did a bad job.
There are thousands of combinations of launchers and apps that can create a problem on a phone so accept beta testers cannot find out everything.

This community is more and more toxic.

(Sorry for the off topic - moderators can delete this post)


Briefly reading through How fingerprint scanners work — Optical, capacitive, and other variants and not knowing what sensor is built into FP3, it seems to me that this statement is a bit vague. Do you have an article or study showing the issues and do you know what type of sensor is built into FP3s?

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