FP3 doesnt charge, but light is on

Hello Hello,

Since a few days my FP3 charges veeeeeerrrry slowly (20% in 8 hours). It is kinda weird because the charging light is on, but battery sign on the right op doesn’t show that is charging. Also my FP3 wont buzz if I put in the charger, which it normally does.

Things I have already tried:

  • different chargers / cables
  • pulling out the battery for hours and putting it back in
  • cleaning the USB connector

I don’t know if the problem is the USB connector, because it is kinda connecting as the light is on? Maybe it has something to do with the battery, but that would be kinda weird as well since it was working perfectly fine until 4 days ago.

Any tips or help?

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Hi and welcome to the forum and I’ve just changed the category you posted in.

If you search the forum you will find many such posts.

For example:

You can remove the bottom module and check it’s contacts are clean

If you do not have a warranty

  • then removing and cleaning the contacts is always a good step,
  • as well as cleaning the USB port
  • You can also breakdown the bottom module to better clean it.
    FP3 Bottom & Top module breakdown

Please read a lot more and post back what you have tried.

Removing the bottom module requires removing the display module where you have access to it’s contacts and can check for
[red square]
[red solder] etc.

The two links above are just odd posts from FP3 charging topics


Hi Amoun,

Thank you for your answer! I read the topic you suggested and indeed lots of people experience the same issue. I removed the bottom module and cleaned all the contacts, but without any result. The phone is still in a reboot loop when i charge it while it is off.

I am thinking of buying a new bottom module, however they are sold out everywhere :frowning: . Anybody any tips of actions i can perform to repair my Fairphone 3

Fairphone expects the bottom module for the Fairphone 3 to be on sale again in 5-6 weeks.
Perhaps you can use an external charging device to charge your battery.
In this topic you find a recommandation for an external universal charger.

Are you sure the USB C port has clean contacts, did you try and disassemble the actual module to better clean it. FP3 Bottom & Top module breakdown

Do you have a fairphoneangels near you that may a bottom module you can try?

Try charging without any SIM or SD card, but don’t try powering on without them.

Have you tried a safe mode start?

If you can save you personal data you could try a factory reset, starting with section

Fairphone does not boot anymore.

If your Fairphone does not boot into Android anymore, you will have to perform the reset using the system recovery. Choose your phone below to see the relevant instructions:

Did you try different plugs as well?
You could try monitoring the charge with an app such as AccuBattery or Ampere (Play Store) or BatteryBotPro (F-Droid) to see how it charges. If rhe charging current is below 0.5A (or even negative when the screen is on), it indicates indeed the phone is charging too slowly.

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