FP3 Android 10 Update - 4G not working

I updated to Android 10 on Tuesday 7th, and all went through perfectly.

But since then, I’ve not had 4G service at all. I’m with The Phone Co-Op who use EE services in the UK, and I’m not aware of any outages to the service side.

I’ve checked all the data settings are turned on to use 4G, but the mobile data is connected to 3G instead and won’t actually let me use any mobile data such as for maps etc.

Please help!


I would request support from The Phone Co-Op, maybe Android 10 on the FP3 must be registered once in their serverside configuration to offer LTE (4G) service.

I have a similar problem on EE. I turned off LTE because it has been so slow since intalling Android 10 but the display still shows LTE and can still be slow and some apps juat do nothing now including the EE app. It also displays as Virgin for some reason!

You may want to have a look here.

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Just adding to this post. I am also a Phone Co-op customer who lost mobile data connectivity after Android 10 upgrade.

It is indeed related to the APN settings.

In Settings > Network and Internet > Mobile Network > Advanced > Access Point Names you need to change the settings from “orange internet” to “everywhere”