FP3 Android 10 Update - 4G is slower compared to another brand phone

Hi, I have a similar bug, not resolved by resetting up APN: 4G doesn’t work. 3G, LTE, 2G etc does.

I have two SIMs by two different operators. Both display only LTE, 3G etc, but not 4G. On a different phone both SIMs displayed “4G”, like my Fairphone 3 before update.

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Whether the phone uses the term “4G” or “LTE” for the same thing might depend on the Android version or costumisations done by the phone vendor.

I would assume your phone after the upgrade would now simply display “LTE” in the situations in which it displayed “4G” before. You could check that at places where you know which kind of reception you got before.


Thanks, but I know my home is covered by 4G+ signal. :pensive:

To be clear, I try two speedtests using the same SIM:

  1. on Fairphone 3 which indicated a LTE connection, I had a 22,80 Mbps on download

  2. on old Asus Zenphone 2 (with a SIM adaptation) which indicated a 4G connection, I had a 44,16 Mbps on download.

(Sorry, but as a new user, I couldn’t post screenshots that confirm my statement above).

So, in this case “LTE” is different from the label “4G” indicated by the old phone (or by Fairphone 3, before update). :confused:

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This is still 4G working.
The difference in download speed is a different matter, the topic title should be “4G download speed slower” if the Fairphone 3 got 44 Mbps in that situation for you before.

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