FP2, sim working only with calls and text, no internet

Hi. On my fairphone 2, one sim slot has stopped working long time ago, and now the 2nd one doesnt work with data. I can call, text, but there is no data for internet. it doesnt show any sign (4G, H+,…). Simcard works fine on other phones. Can I put a new slot? Or fix this one? Any ideas?

With the FP2 you need to decide which SIM-Slot can use 4G/3Gm the other one can only use 2G. See for example: Dual Sim 4G - One sim limited to "Edge" - #3 by Johannes


yes, but I didnt move the sim or change any settings recently, it just stopped working suddenly.
I checked anyway what you suggested and should be fine…

Should be or are they?

If the settings suggested by @Incanus are correct and you never used the SIM before for mobile data you might need to check the APN settings are correct. Settings can be requested by the mobile provider settings should be under network-sim card-more/additional. Even of nothing was changed by you recently you might need to check the APN settings.


Do you know if 2G or 3G have been switched off in your country (resp. your cell network) recently?

solved! it was actually an APN problem. I used the sim till yesterday with no problem and change nothing, so not sure what happend to the apn-setup, but I had just to check it and fix it.
thanks a lot


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