Dual Sim 4G - One sim limited to "Edge"

Hi everyone,

I use the dual sim feature on my FP2. Both of my sims are 4G.
I setup the way that SIM 1 is used for data. Once the data of SIM 1 have been used I want to switch it to SIM 2.

However, while switching in the settings the Data from SIM 1 to SIM 2, the SIM 2 gets limited to Edge. I tried what is explained here :
Other post, meaning disabling data for SIM1. I reboot my FP2.
However, the SIM 2 is still limited to Edge. I tried to exchange both SIM slots, without success.

Please note, that while SIM 1 is used for data, if SIM 1 and SIM 2 are enabled for Data, SIM 1 is working properly.

Would anyone have any clue how this could be solved ?

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Did you try to set SIM1 to 2G only (not necessary disabling) and SIM2 to 4G?

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Only one SIM can use 4G at the same time, and this setting seems to follow the SIM around. To switch, you’ll need to set the SIM you don’t want to use 4G on anymore to 2G only first, and then the other one to 4G.


I actually had to go to cellular network to reverse SIM 1 to 2G only and then set SIM 2 to 4G (preferred) / 3G / 2G. To make it work.
I know both at same time cannot be made. But being forced to go to cellular networks to change settings, then all other settings allowing to enable Data on SIm 1 or/and SIM 2 (nothing prevent to enable both when one is in Data consumption monitor screen per SIM)) are useless (or I did not get it).

Anyway, problem fixed. Thanks for your help!

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Cool :slight_smile: Can you mark this topic as resolved?