FP2 shuts itself down with full battery

I’ve read a few topics on here (including FP2 won’t turn on - stuck in restart loop and ✏ A little Guide to ... Fairphone’s Batteries (FP1 & FP2)) but couldn’t see exactly the same problem that I’m having.

What happens is that, even with a full or near-full charge, the FP2 will automatically shut itself down in the same way as it does when I’ve accidentally let the battery drain in the past to 1% (with a little box saying “Shutting down …”). There doesn’t seem to be any pattern to this that I can see. It seems like the phone believes the battery is empty of charge and just shuts down on its own as a result.

It’s incredibly frustrating as I rely on my phone for work. I’m not sure what is wrong or how to fix it. Any advice welcome!


Just to add that the phone doesn’t seem to do this when plugged in.

Another Fairphoner just reported this week (German language link) that his battery seems to lose contact inside his Fairphone, resulting in the screen turning black. I’m not sure if it’s the same symptoms with yours.

Does the shut down usually occur when you have held or moved the phone?

Hi everyone,

I’ve got pretty much the same problem as Imogen: sudden shutting down of the FP2 without apparent reason.
Except that, as suggested by urs-lesse, I’ve been drawn to think it happens when I put down the FP2 on a table or so. It could be that the tiny “impact” against some hard surface could disconnect the battery for a second (and not systematically)?
What can we do about it?
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In some cases it seems that the battery sits a bit loose. It seems to help to put a small piece of folded paper at the bottom of the battery so it’s pushed upwards towards the contacts.

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I am almost sure that shutdown’s occur when / if the battery gets hot, that’s the case when: 1) charging while almost empty, 2) after using Google maps navigator half an hour, 3) updating and 4) long, ver long, phone calls. I can feel the battery is very hot and cann’t do anything until it is cool again. So I can prevent shutdowns a bit since I noticed this.

Charging problems were solved after getting another charger.

An update on this - it just randomly stopped doing it. Now it has new problems. Distinctly unimpressed with the phone so far.

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