FP2 Screen can't be reactivated during/after calls - See first post for Workarounds

Sorry but cleaning the sensor maybe every week is no real solution. And I hope it is not the only solution in the future. A real solution is a solution which works continuous after execute some steps for solving the problem.

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I have been experiencing this problem since receiving my phone in February and am glad to find that there is a discussion on the go about the unresponsive screen when trying to end a call or indeed use automated hotlines. I look forward to us getting a convincing and lasting solution to this seriously user unfriendly problem.
Regularly I have to wait for the other person to hang up or remove the back of the phone, which is not a really ideal solution because taking the cover off and especially putting it back on again is extremely fiddly. Another reason why the suggestion of cleaning the proximity sensor on a recuring basis is a lame solution for the longterm.

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Hello everyone,

Like many of you I’ve been having a similar problem. I have cleaned the sensor and screen (inside and out), enabled “power button hangs up phone”, tried the new update and so on. I have even tried multiple different ways of holding the phone.

When I tried running the Sensor Readout app, I wasn’t getting any output whatsoever from the proximity/“distance” sensor. I cleaned before and after trying this test multiple times, but was still getting no response. Does this sound like a hardware error? Have I missed anything?

Thank you.

To me it actually sounds like a hardware issue. If cleaning doesn’t help and a test so shows nothing, then the sensor might be faulty.


i had this problem before the update, somewhere above i already mentioned it. But after the update my screen doesn’t react at all after calling as long as the other party doesn’t hang up. I clean my screen - the part where the proxymeter is, but i have to pull out my battery everytime.

Also weird to see how many people don’t hang up after calling…

Edit: as of FP2’s Software Version 1.2.8 possible:

@carloskok, an IMHO easier way to reboot your phone instead of removing the battery is to press and hold the power button (about 15 to 20 seconds) until the phone reboots.

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Hi Amers,

with the previous OS that wasn’t prossible. Removing the battery wa stheonly option.
Still, hanging up would be the most easiest way :slight_smile:

Suggestion for next release:
Actually with the power button we can close the call, May be it’s possible to have a parameter configuration to reactivate the screen with the sam (or an other) hardware button.


It’s already now a configurable setting if power button ends call or not - or am I understanding something wrong?
You find it in settings->accessibility->power button ends call.

Hi, i am french sry for my english i do my best.

Why did i cant join support ? I have send a question to support service but nothing…

1 month without any answer…

I’ve got a problem during call, i’ve got a black screen and can’t use phone… My call work fine and when i have to hang up i cant, because of screen is black… I have to hope that’s my interlocutor hang up 1st…

Its so boring because if my interlocutor forget to hang up i have to force reboot on phone to leave call.

I hope you see what i mean even if i have a bad english…

Can someone help me with my phone problem or can someone tell me how to join FP2 support ?

Thanks by advance for answer.

I moved your post here, since it’s the same problem. Have a look at the first post, there are some workarounds that maybe help you, too.

J ai le même probleme avec mon FP2 et le sensor au coin superieur g du telephone. L’ecran se bloque lors des appels et je doit attednre que l’interlocuteur coupe.
Avez vous trouve une solution?
Le forum ne donne pas de solution, d autres semblent avoir le même probleme.
Que faire?
Merci de votre aide

Est-ce que tu as lu le premier post de ce topic? Dedans, tu peut trouver des workarounds (pas des vrais solutions, mais ça peut déjà aider bien sûr)

Hi, I just experienced this issue the last few days. Started Thursday or Friday - sorted it out on Saturday after reading this, eventually getting the screen off(!) and then blowing into the proximity sensor. Downloaded SensorBox to test, and it seems to be working fine now, and works for calls as well. I’ve also enabled the ‘Power Button Ends Call’ option now in case it comes back, so at least I don’t need to remove the battery…

I’m wondering though - what else (if anything) is the proximity sensor really used for? It’s possibly used in apps of course, but I mean in Android OS. Looking at this problem from a different angle, couldn’t the phone turn the display back on either if the proximity sensor does not detect anything OR if the phone is held (relatively) flat based on the gyroscope? I don’t know about others, but I’m generally holding my phone reasonably vertically when calling, so I think this is a reasonable way to implement the functionality (and tbh until I experienced this issue, was how I assumed most smartphones worked!)

If people think this is a reasonable fix I’d be up for attempting to make a minor mod to the OS, behind some user activated option. (I don’t have experience modding Android, but I do work in software development).

Only relevant to geeks or Fairphone support folk:
A quick Google implies there’s actually two versions of FairphoneOS - ‘regular’ and OpenSource. Probably going well beyond the scope of the initial question here, but anyone know if the ‘regular’ and OpenSource versions are regularly (or ever) merged? Just wondering if I were to add a patch to the OpenSource version is there a chance it might be picked up in the ‘regular’ version eventually?


Me as well, but that’s not the only situation where I hold it vertically, e.g. also when I’m reading (in bed) or in other situations.
So if I understood you right and you were thinking of basing the screen off on the position, I could imagine that also in other situations when you need the screen it might get either off.
Though, if it’s connected with an active call the fault rate may become acceptable?
Anyway, interesting idea!

-You find it in settings->accessibility->power button ends call-

This is indeed an option. But i do use a headset once in a while and then the screen is shut down so i can leave my phone in my pocket.

And it’s good to have work arounds, but it’s better to have a good fix of this problem…

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Same issue in Hamburg Germany on a 2 months old fairphone 2, screen black, though clean, just activates again when other participant hangs up or with shortcut solution (powerbutton) closing the call myself. But with that failure the phone annoys me more than it makes me happy, as I have been at first when everything worked. With so many people having the same problem I can’t believe it could be a hardware problem, well if it is a faulty sensor beeing produced, that would be a huge setback for the company and us users. Anyway even if it is a software problem it still su… and needs fixing right away.


I posted some pictures in an earlier post. (Post:153)
There you can see that the seal is not at the same level as the case.
Are there people, who could check this at their phones?
In my opinion the seal is the main problem that causes this failure. Or maybe the seal of the speakers isn’t good enough to hold back the dust. Changing the display and the module with the proximity sensor with parts with a correct seal can in my opinion solve this problem.
Sure, this is only true if dust is the reason.

Yes, you’d only turn the screen off when the screen is vertical if during a call, not at other times (same as the screen is only turned off when the proximity sensor is activated if it’s during a call, not if you just cover the sensor during other times).

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When calling, the display gets black/inactivated. I tried cleaning the interior. That way, the phone worked fine ONCE, i.e. I can make a call without the display getting inactivated. But as soon as I activate the proximity sensor by holding a finger near it, the display is inactivated and does not activate again until the call is over. At next call, the display inactivates directly, without me getting close to the proximity sensor. It seems I can reactivate the sensor through taking the battery out. I tried this four times took the battery out, made a call. Each time, the display works once, but does not come back after having been deactivated once. Is it the proximity sensor that gets stuck? Any workarounds? Thanks to suggestions in this forum I learned to activate the power button to end calls, but this only solves part of the problem.

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