Are FairphoneOS and Fairphone Open OS merged regularly (or ever)?

In short, despite this page, I’m not too clear on what the relationship is between Fairphone OS and Fairphone Open OS?

Are they effectively two branches of the same codebase, and FairphoneOS might get some of the updates in the Open edition which are contributed by the community? What about the other way around? Is the FairphoneOS effectively closed? Do any fixes (security, etc) get merged from FairphoneOS into Fairphone Open OS?

For Info, this stemmed from this issue, which I might look into trying to patch.

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I can’t find the right quote right now but the plan is to provide security and feature updates to both OS versions at the same time on a regular basis, but before this plan can become reality the major bugs have to be fixed and developing of FPOOS finished first.

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