FP2 Screen can't be reactivated during/after calls - See first post for Workarounds

About the touchscreen bug - I find taking the screen off and cleaning the connections with alcohol (e.g. alcohol hand wash) every so often helps. But could just be my problem: which is that the screen sometimes won’t turn on when I take it away from my ear during a call.

You may also benefit from recalibrating the proximity sensor. See this topic for instructions:

Wanted software solution that would just easily solve all of this:
Have the power button to always wake up the screen, regardless of the proximity sensor.

It it any drawback?

Thanks you very much !

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Using the latest Software version, this problem is basically solved by recalibrating your proximity sensor (settings-> maintenance).

thanks – any information on when it will have it?

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The latest Open OS does have the sensor calibration integrated.


As pointed out by @spaetz, it is there. The tool was included in Fairphone Open 16.10.


I had to restore factory setting on my FP2 OS 1.8.1, because I have some problems, like black screen after call and phone no more ask for sim security code at boot. Now I realize that Section Maintenance disappeared in the phone Settings. Proximity Sensor Tool app is already installes and updates, but phone Settins menu no more show Section Maintenance.
Any one can help me please?

Dear Fairphone forum users,

Since a week or so my screen turns black during ongoing calls and I am unable to use my phone, except for speaking on the phone, until the other one has hung up. Quite annoying, because I have no ability whatshowever to end a conversation myself, except for kindly asking the other to hang up.

Also my FP2 randomly goes black screen from time to time which I can only ‘fix’ by taking out the battery or waiting some minutes for it to randomly turn on again. My case is falling apart after the many times of taking out the battery :sob:


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I’ve moved your post to the topic that discusses this issue. To save you some reading, I’d recommend starting with the official support pages:


And if the problem is more general:


Finally, holding the power button for 15s (which feels more like eternity) will usually reboot the phone without the need to take out the battery.

Does the screen simply go black, or does the phone really crash? I’m asking, because if the phone crashes, feel free to join the “support group” :wink:

I’m not sure, because usually I am too impatient to wait for it to switch on again (mostly because it happens when I am in the middle of something), but there have been times that after frantically pressing the power button a million times, the screen turned on again and the software worked fine. Not sure whether the clicking actually worked, more some psychological response to feel like I have some sort of control I suppose.
Also when my phone crashes, it reboots automatically. Yes, also this happens a couple of times a day, but since basically everyone here has that issue, I gave up on that problem to get fixed.

Yeah I still have the problem too. But Recalibration worked a bit. So not as often as it used to be. yay…never buying something from FP again

No need to be drastic, just really hope there is a fix for it. Anyone?

when I call, the screen gets dark and I can’t hang up . Is there a solution or a parameter to change or is it a default of the fairphone ?

@renaudleo: Please read the first post and calibrate your sensor. It’ll work afterwards :wink:
@Chairr22: If your phone crashes, you are in the wrong topic. This one is just about the black screen during calls. :wink:

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I, too, have the black screen during phone calls. I have read the articles an support topic about the proximity sensor, downloaded a third party proximity tester app which shows near at all times. there is no maintenance section in my settings menu, though the proximity tool app is installed. So, I cannot recalibrate the proximity sensor.

I have fairphone OS 1.10.

Can’t you just open the proximity tool app directly? On my phone, this is possible…

It does not appear in my “All Apps” list.

It does appear in Google Play as an installed App, but the is no means to"Open" it.