FP2 : Screen and microphone false contacts

Hi everyone,
I’ve had a FP2 for 6 months now. About 2 months ago I started experiencing troubles of two kinds, but which seem similar in their origin :

  1. The screen backlight goes on and off, depending on how I hold the phone. It’s not the proximity sensor problem, and at very low ambient light I can see the screen is not off, just like on a zero brightness level.
    Now it’s gotten to the point where I need to press the phone hard between two fingers to see something. The pressure point that works best is located just above the five pongo pins, on the back of the device.
  2. The microphone doesn’t work either, unless I press it in a similar way, but right were the “e” of fairphone is written in the front of the phone.

I created an only bill, because both these issues seem to me like they are caused by false contacts. I’m not even sure replacing the components would do the job. Any advice on how to solve this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks !


Have you tried taking the phone apart and cleaning the connectors?

In case you run into troubles here is how to:

Hi Paul,

Yes of course I tried that, but it didn’t improve my situation a tiny bit…

Thanks anyway


I’m currently experiencing a similar problem. My mic doesn’t work but If I push firmly on the bottom it does. Looking at the contacts on the back of the screen they seem black in places. I wondered if perhaps cleaning them might solve the problem but I don’t know the best way to do this. Did you find a solution Felix?

I know replacing the module doesn’t work as I have module with a broken micro USB and that mic experiences the same problem.

Hi Jake,

No solution found on my side. Gonna send my FP to the repair center,
according to FP’s advice.
Good luck !


I have the same problem.
My microphone only works correctly if i press the fairphone in the bottom left corner.
When i removed the screen the plates which connect the halfs look a bit dirty but i was nut sure if and how i should clean them. I also tried different apps with the microphone to make sure it is not the software.

I was thinking about getting another modue but after reading that you tried it and it didnt work either i am not sure if it will help.
Did you write to Fairphone about it?

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