FP2 rings, but swiping on display to answere calls doesn't work

Hello everyone,
since a couple of days I am unable to answere calls.

When the phone rings the diplay shows an incoming call as usual, but neither accepting nor declining a call works, because swiping from the middle to the edge is impossible.
Strange aswell: to interrupt an incoming call I push twice the upright ‘on/off’ button - surprisingly this not only ends the call but additionaly activates the camera.

My display in general has a malfunction and I’m in touch with the support to find a solution, but this malfunction only occures in a little area and didn’t affect accepting calls before.

I mostly like to know if someone else recognized this incident.
Thanks for feedback and advice

Yes, same issue here. Not always though, but it’s very annoying.

@rk1966 has the same issue (as reported :de: here).

The issue reported from @rk1966 seems to be slightly different, because he does not see the button to accept a call when his phone starts to ring.

Opps, you’re right. Once again I didn’t carefully read a post.

@KAI you seem to have the following issue, please read the tips in the first post and continue there if you have further questions:

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