FP2 reboots in certain wifi networks

:scream: I am totally done with it.
After rebooting/crash issues with my first and second phone. All my hopes where on the third phone … but it also rebooted many times already.

I would like to know if there are any fairphones 2 that do not have this issue ?

This third phone came almost rebooting out of the box. After using it one day (more than 30 reboots) I did a factory reset and I did not put any sim card or sd card in it. Result after 12 hours : 4 reboots :sob:

Does anyone here have a solution ?

Maybe this guide will help you.

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That sounds really unlucky.

If it reboots out of the box … #contactsupport to get it replaced, or seeing that it would be the fourth phone already, money back?

If you happen to have #fairphoneangels in your vicinity, they perhaps could have a look whether there’s something obvious that can be fixed immediately (like the battery sitting a little loose or similar), or they could try to swap modules to identify a hardware culprit to exchange before returning the whole phone.

Most of them don’t have this issue, else the forum would be really (like, really) flooded with this and Fairphone could be out of business by now I guess. But reports in this forum here prove time and again that indeed there is an unsatisfactory variation in build quality.

As reality would have it, most people content with their tech wouldn’t bother to report the fact that it just works. And if they did in large numbers, it would be kind of boring probably and it wouldn’t help people with problems either.

So, not all hope is lost if you still wanted to try again, even if I can understand you would think otherwise now.
I know it does not help your case, but since you asked, we even have a topic …


Thanks, I am just a little frustrated…

I contacted support and I am sure they help me again, as they did before. Lets hope I had my share of bad luck.

I will go over and read the mine works fine topic :slight_smile:


I LOVE Your spirit!!!:heart_eyes:
And I do soooo feel for you.

Other than @AnotherElk I unfortunately have the feeling, that the FP2 is prone to rebooting issues and that this is something that happens to most owners. It’s sure as hell the quantity that’s differing.
Mine - for example - is stable for weeks in a row.
I drop it from my pocket to the tiled floor, pick it up - really anxious - and it runs.
And then there are those days (or rather hours), when I have to fight my desire to put it into the bin and get myself another phone. That’s when the phone is rebooting without a real explanation - e.g. when placing it - tenderly - on a table. KABOOOOM, reboot. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Sometimes the battery seems to be a bit loose; although I have no idea, why.
Up to now, my hiccup-app has reported 632 crashreports (i.e. reboots) since december 2015 (32 months), which equals roughly 2 reboots in 3 days.
In my opinion, that’s something, I can tolerate. Others here in this forum have reported much less reboots and some even more.
30 on day 1 - obviously - is not to be accepted.

My suspicion would be, that this issue is (at least in part) due to the modularity of the phone. The better/tighter the modules fit, the less the phone is being disassembled for “showing off” or demonstration purposes, the less reboots there are.
Just my guesswork of course.

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Thanks for your story. I really am hoping for a better experience and by now a few reboots per week dont even sounds to bad. But 4 every 12 hours is really not working.

I am wondering whether it would hurt to turn of the security pincode for the simcard so it can restart automitically after a reboot?

Well, it would hurt the security obviously. :wink:
Rebooting would be much more comfortable.
And if the phone reboots without you noticing it, you will get reconnected. This way it can’t happen that you are not available for maybe hours and you don’t know it.
Whenever and wherever your phone is unattended or if it’s stolen, it is open “for inspection” by everyone.

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At the beginning (2,5 years ago), my FP2 also rebooted quite often. The reboots stopped when I switched 4G off and started to use only 3G.

As BertG already wrote, this might be an important security issue.

What I did and what you might do is to switch off the SIM pincode and set a unlock pincode for the phone (you might also use a pattern or a password). The problem is that you’ll have to enter it every time you use the phone. Well, I got used to it…


thank you for your thoughts, my thoughts where similar and I do think it is kind of a good idea, given the circumstances

set an unlock pincode for the phone will cover the securety issue, great idea

switching of 4G wont work, my fp has no simcard in it at the moment but still reboots appr 4 times day. without me even being neir it :roll_eyes:


Have you happened to find this thread already?

I don’t know, if that is still a valid solution, as they posted in May 2017, that they solved this issue with the slim cover. Still, you might have an old one. So it’s unclear if it’s going to help, but it definitely won’t do any harm.


Well then, shame on you :wink:
It´s the only way left for it to ask for more love and attention by you as It cannot speak. Maybe the solution is to give more of both. :grinning:
Spreading more positive vibes could help too… :grin:



I must say I completely understand your frustration… I went through 3 FP2 myself… Still having random reboots, battery life sucks, my new transparent slim case is missing a piece (cracked by itself after a week of use)… It gets hot, applications don’t run (god knows why) etc.

I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING suggested on this forum… Nothing changed, I know just hate my phone (but still in love with the idea behind it) so I’m buying a new phone now…

So sorry to say but sometimes it doesn’t get better whatever you do…

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For me putting a piece of paper (two actually to get the right thickness) below the battery to push it tighter against the electrical contacts reduced the amount of random reboots a lot.


I aggred with this solution too. Fairphone support give me a little shim to avoid this issue but it was not enough tight (still reboots), so I cut a little plastic of an old sim card.

If fairphone designer would stop this issue for good they need to really tight dimensions on batterie case or put a cable for a connection (no spring with 1 touch contact).

It would take a spring at the bottom-side of the battery (where you have to put the paper), pushing it against the contacts. That’s the way it is working with every other battery compartment for AAA, AA, … D cells. Four tiny spring-contacts pushing the battery (especially just on one corner) can - obviously - be troublesome. Even more so, when the battery is a rather large (dimesion-wise) one and the battery compartment not exactly a tight fit.

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sorry for not replying earlier.

but just now I opened my phone and decided to check all the little screws from all the different modules, I could tighten some of them a little bit. And although my fp does survive the loose batterij test, I did put a piece of an old simcard in between the battery and the compartment.

to be continued…

Hmmm I hour past and 1 reboot happened :sob:
and another reboot has happened, I think I can not solve this


Really sorry to read that… Just a though, have you explore a software issue? Maybe one of your apps is causing these reboots? Some of them are draining battery (see the discussion here).

Do you think it is possible?

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Is your battery moves a little in the case? If is the case you has to put a better shim. The battery has to be really tight.

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