FP2 reboots in certain wifi networks

I had reset my phone to factory reset without any other apps (only my googe account) it still reboots so I do not think that that is the issue

I did try that but that also did not end the reboots

My phone will be sent to hq I hope they can solve this

I will keep you updated

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Hi again… Having tried everything I have to say : sometimes there’s nothing you can do… It’s pretty disappointing.

And of course pushing battery with a piece of paper shouldn’t be a solution… You kind of expect that the battery fits your phone!



After two months of testing, shims doesn’t work is even worse. When i put my phone in the car, sometimes the car vibrates too much because I’m too lowest shift.With the vibration, the phone reboots. So now I removed all the shims. The company need to find a better solution than shims or replace the component.
I think if they would like to solve this issue forever, they need to redesign the phone. So not a solution for this year.

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A quick update: my phone is at headquarters since August 6 and they are testing it.

Well my fairphone 2 has been tested at the headquarters and returned to me yesterday.
they could not reproduce a reboot not in real usage or in automatic stress testing. Pff so i ansewered that i was happy that they did not had any reboots bus asked what they thought could be the reason.

The Answer was that they already replaced my phone twice (which is true and i was really happy about that) but that they did not experienced any reboot with this phone. The only possibility they could think of was a problem with my sd card or sim card. But they also reminded me that i
said that i had already tried that and that i stil experienced reboots.

But i had my hopes up. And installed my phone as before, WiFi, Google account , apps, But no sim card . My phone rebooted 3 times last night :disappointed_relieved: So i did a Factory reset this morning and i installed absolutely nothing (no WiFi no sim no apps etc) i experienced no reboots. Tonight i only installed WiFi and i experienced 1 reboot sofar.
Can it be the WiFi ??

Sorry, I did not read the complete topic. There is just one thing which came to my mind: does this also happen without the case? Can you take off the backcover and the black frame? Maybe it’s just a stuck button which causes the reboot.


I can try that but i do not think that is the reason of the reboots since it did not happen while testing it on the headquarter.

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So there is your final solution -

Don’t use the phone at all…got it? :grin:

No, no - I am just kidding.

I am most sure Fairphone had your phone in the most possible stock way (without sd card, sim card(s), clean - no 3rd party apps etc.)
They say there were no reboots experienced.

Now you got it back and turned it exactly into what you have had before sending it to Fairphone, and the reboots occur again…strange isn’t it?

Do you believe it could be the cause of your individual setup?
At least that is what comes to my mind, it’s simply too obvious.
You have to tackle this step by step.

Try @Paule’s idea, this is most simple to be done. At last very carefully reassemble the case again assuring all parts are fitting fine specifically all buttons. I have a slim case and there are no issues at all. Generally they do fit for trouble less operation (neglecting the audio jack position).

A radical test without any network, sim card, further apps was positive already.
Are you sure your wifi is not compromised?
Next keep off your wifi but activate you mobile network by any sim card available (still no further apps installed?)
See if there are any reboots.

At last carefully reinstall apps over Wifi, but not all in one go, rather one after another. Disable all networking again and see how reliable the phone performs. Also do a reboot once in a while after having installed/updated some apps, as not all installing is fully clear while runtime. Although this is not Windows it’s still of use to reboot once in a while specifically after having changed parts of the installation. Some changes can only be fully finished after a power cycle. But the majority of smartphone/mobile users are in believe the device is meant to stay powered on permanently without any need of reboot. This is no server, yet and even they are rebooted after major changes to the system.
Unexpected reboots may also occur if there were changes made to the installation (which implies manual or automated updates) but the phone kept operative for long time without having the opportunity to reorganize certain things as done while the boot up process.

Keep an eye on the crash reports counter of Fairphones “Hiccup” tool at settings->maintenance->hiccup->scroll all down->statistic

If your phone reboots unexpected although there is no network available it looks like an app is the culprit. Hopefully you can recall after which of the installed troubles has started.
Otherwise you may need some software tools for further investigation.
Also let the phone cool off (unused) if necessary, some background tasks may cause more heat but have to finish after all.

If you managed to find and remove the cause enabling any network should not worsen the operation.

Unexpected reboots are always tricky to investigate and solve,
I would say quite many topics in this forum are related to such.

At least feel lucky that you have this active, competent and willing to help community.


Hmm, could it be that AirPort problem @StevenHachel had as well? Remember that you cannot completely put off WiFi on Android.


Thank you for your help Patrick1

I was thinking that too, but decided against it :grinning:

No, but I have no idea how I would notice that ?

My phone rebooted 7 times (7 crashreports at the crashreport counter of fairphones hiccup) since I connected it to my wifi about 16 hours ago. It was laying on the table while I was away all day. I did not install any apps or put in a sim card or sd card.

So: first I will try @Paule idea

after that I will turn of wifi and put in my sim card and I will not install any apps, and see what happens

I think that after that I will know whether it has something to do with the wifi ?


where can I find this ?

I tried @paule suggestion but that did not help there are another 3 crashreports so 10
in total now

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Sorry to here.

If you install everything as usual and leave the WiFi switched of, any reboots?


I am now testing with my sim card and with wifi (i can choose between normal wifi and 5g wifi I connected my phone with the 5G, I do not really understand how this works but I thought that maybe 5G wifi is more stabile) I did not install any third party app yet.

If I have reboots I will switch of the wifi.

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Can anyone explain in short how the connection with wifi is made. And could my reboots be caused by this connection. Is there a part in my phone what makes the wifi connection (like an antenne) and could that cause the reboots ?

haha, I hope anyone understands my question …:roll_eyes:

Airport problem long original topic.

Could be, but not easy to investigate.

Also using 2,4GHz or 5GHz band can cause such troubles. Hence my advice to possibly disable wifi and only use mobile data.


Usual Wifi is using the 2,4GHz frequency band (same as bluetooth btw.) while
5G ->5GHz frequency band is becoming more common. It is a bit quicker and younger but not yet so common hence not as crowded as the basic 2,4GHz band.
Also there were interferences in very rare cases (I had one too) where the bluetooth signal interfered with the 2,4GHz wifi signal. So disabling BT is another hint btw. just to see.

Good if you router offers 5GHz, interferences (also with neighbors) should be less and performance better if your signal reception is good.

Afaik network problems generally should not cause reboots. Devices should operate reliable whether they have network access or not. Even if updates are downloaded the installation process just starts after the entire data was successfully received. The download just takes longer when signal reception is weak or interrupted. But there are users who experience more reboots when using a specific wifi connection. To find the cause is not an easy task as no clear relation between both of these can be identified.

Usually wifi is established by registering a specific device by a default name which most often is the individual devices mac address (should only exist once in the world fixed in silicone…). The router should reveal its network name (on the first registration, for reconnect it possibly may be hidden). You may go through all steps manually like scanning and accepting the new device via mac address. Now also go through the registration process on your device by selecting your wifi network and entering your networks security key. If all was done properly the registration process should finish and the connection establish.

There are more automated ways though like using the wps feature/hardware button on your router if available. Within a specific time slot the router scans for new devices taking over new network specific data. You would then only have to recheck and accept to take over and enable the connection. Also scanning a QR code offered within your routers configuration masc helps you to easily share registration setup data with new devices (if supported of course).
It´s not very detailed, but a rough overview. With a bit of practice that´s no problem for anyone to do it.
There may be an antenna for the wifi reception, but in case if it’s somehow damaged reception should be very poor or not available at all.


Basically, what @Patrick1 said (it is hard to debug that problem) but I was wondering if someone who knows more about the Airport issue could chime in and have a look.

Anyway, there are other more likely causes.

I skimmed through the thread and couldn’t find an answer to whether you tried a piece of paper on your battery – have you? That solved practically all reboot issues I had.


I did this yesterday for a couple of hours and no reboots

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