FP2 reboot: due to dual Sim cards?

(I’m not sure why my previous topics have been closed so soon, but this is a sequel to Fp2 keeps rebooting every 2 mins)

My FP2 is rebooting about every two minutes. I got some diagnostic suggestions, which included removing the sim-cards to see if the problem persists. I found the following:

  • I could use the phone for hours without sim cards in it;
  • With either sim card (but not both), I also could use it without it crashing;
  • However, when I inserted both sim cards, within a couple of minutes the phone crashed twice again.

So my problem appears to be related to having two sim cards in the phone.

Anyone have a suggestion to get it functioning correctly again with the two cards in their slots?

Thanks again

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What if you disable 4g for both SIMs?

If a thread is getting closed before time, normally just before the “CLOSED” statement in the thread the respective moderator would give an explanation. It is at least what I observed so far in this forum, and it is the case in the thread you linked to, too.

@PaulKreuzer: I tried turning off 4G for the one sim card that had 4g. I put it to 3G and since the phone has not crashed. So there seems to be some connection with the crashing.

So now I am very much interested if and how I can get both 4G and a non-crashing phone… Do you have suggestions?

I have been suffering from those [beep] reboots a few times a day for a while now. Previously my phone used to work just fine. I don’t remember the dates anymore, but if there really is correlation between dual SIM with 4G enabled, I may be suffering from it. So; I’ll disable 4G and see if it helps!

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