Fp2 keeps rebooting every 2 mins

On Monday I reported this issue: after the OS update, my phone crashed about every 2 mins.
Support told me to go back to factory settings. This cost me annoyingly much time.
Now, 4 days later, and having reinstalled only a few apps - it is back to square 1 again: rebooting every 2 mins or more often.

I do not like to swear here, but it comes quite close. Have not been able to use my phone for almost a week now and not solved a single bit.

Will go back to support and see if something else can be done. Afraid of having another weekend reinstalling my phone to be able to use it.

Which ones are they? Is one of them facebook (See here)?

No, I do not use Facebook.
I installed Mijn Simyo, 9292, Google Authenticator, CalDAV-Sync, CardDAV-Sync, FastMail, NS Reisplanner Extra, Slack, Outlook
That’s it.

I go the same problem, since updating the fair phone to OS 17.04.8

Is it possible to re-update my phone and
programm the basic setting right away in the first place,
without - I`m not willing to go back on factory setting.
Should be an easier solution. Is there?

@ArjenU & @JakobR. Try all the workarounds in this post (that you haven’t yet) and every tip from the official troubleshooting tool (something else -> random reboots) (many tips will overlap).

If nothing works contact support and include a list of everything you tried - including previous communications with support on the same matter.
That way support won’t ask you to do something you already did, but probably start with exchanging some module or the whole phone.

If you need to discuss this further please do so in the random reboots topic.