FP2 random reboots - see #rebootsguide for help

Thanks a lot for your quick reply!

For others who might have the same problems as me:
I created a filter in Titanium Backup in which I labeled the Apps System Ui and Alarm. I then chose the inverse option so all other apps got selected by this filter except for these two. I then applied this filter to my scheduled backups.
This solved issues with the alarm app crashing (freezing the whole phone, only restart helped) as well as freezing issues in general and resetting my background to default (most probably, hasn’t happend again so far).

However this didn’t help with Whats App randomly rebooting during video calls. I hoped this would be solved by this as well. Maybe excluding Whats App from Titanium would help but I really want a backup of Whats App.

So my next try is to disable the scheduled backups of Titanium totally. If this stops the random Whats App reboots I will need to look for another backup solution. :frowning:

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Hi Lluvia and others,
I just had this problem starting on me as well. I did not recently update and I added a sim in the second slot about 48 hours before it started. Given these timelines I was first thinking of hardware problems but, … I regularly install applications and remove them again.
Could and application issue be the root cause of this, regardless that every os of course needs to guard against that?

never mind, the back cover is the problem. I’ll have to hack the spacing for the power button with some carpentry tooling.

I’m not sure I understand you correctly, but might that be this issue:

It seemed to be as removing and carefully replacing the back cover drastically and obviously reduced the number of reboots. It still does reboot at times so I am still looking at further possible causes.

I have a fairphone 2 newly. It came to me four days ago. When I stop using it a few minutes it goes out and begins to be restarted, therefore if I do not return to write my pin it remains subdued and again it tries to be restarted. Since I can solve it?? I have tried to restore the values of factory, have extracted the battery, etc … and it is not solved. Could someone have solved this problem?

Have you already found the #rebootsguide?
There might be some helpful info.

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A couple of months ago I also experienced sudden reboots. It mostly happened while laying down the phone on a shelf. It seemed that little shocks caused this reboot behavior and I figured that this could be due to the battery connection. I mentioned a clearance between the battery length and its compartment and I filled it up by adding some duct tape to the bottom of the battery, basically making the battery longer. Since then I did not have any reboots at all. For me it was this mechanical issue and not a software issue and hopefully this works for some of you too.


My fp2 had the randon reboots several times a day. But with the special update it was over. Since two days it started again. Has anyone else this problem or a solution?

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Have you tried all the tips in the #rebootsguide yet?

I did not try them all, because i thought that this might be what happened before. But i will do that tonight.


My FP2 is 6 month old (I actually bought it in 2016 but it got changed after various problems) and it keeps doing soft reboots all the time, like at in average 3 or 4 times a day. With my previous one I had such reboots but only when I was using battery intensive apps like games, and the device was heating up. But with this one I have now it reboots even when I don’t do anything power intensive, like writing a text, swipping in the menu, or even when I’m asleep ! (I know it because when I wake up the phone is back to the sim card pin screen). So I know it’s not some kind of misplaced case I saw in other posts, because it reboots even when I don’t touch it, whether it’s charging or not. And I don’t think it’s app related because it happens on various apps and even on the main screen, and since the beginning, when I didn’t even install yet all my apps.
I actually don’t really excpect a solution beside “send it back”, but I think I needed to vent out a bit because that’s my 2nd FP2 and it’s driving me crazy (and I don’t even mention the other issues like the weak ass battery who goes from 30% to 5% in 10 minutes…)

I guess you are running stock Android 6.

Very often apps do cause trouble without obvious signs.

Do you have anything related to Facebook installed? Get rid of it first.
Read more about the facebook app here if you feel like.

As it sounds to me there seems to be a battery draining app running. So if the phone is not registered it seems to keep a stable mode until you enter your pin.
Anyway there could be a connection by this acting.
You could try to find battery draining app(s) with e.g. system monitor lite.
And also try and disable your sim card & WiFi for some time (maybe overnight).
Take a look into the crash counter at the most bottom of hiccup at ->settings->maintenance->hiccup.

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Also … see the #rebootsguide and the #batteryguide .

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this is about a problem that right now occurs on my 2nd/ exchange FP2 already… Background: About 1/2 year into using my FIRST FP2 (which I had pretty much received the day of its release), my phone started to reboot for no apparent reason, every couple of days, then more than once a day, and constantly at last. ( I heard this is - unfortunately - a common problem with FP2, though still unsolved.) Sadly, it seems the problem persists on my exchange phone as well.

At the time of the exchange, I had already communicated with FP support for a couple of weeks, trying to find the reason for those random reboots, but at last I had to exchange my device. I had previously reinstalled the original settings twice (i.e. done the factory reset), but after a couple of weeks, the rebooting problem usually reoccurred.

FP was finally willing to exchange the device, but even with that one, the problem seems to persist: Again after six weeks into the installation procedure, random reboots occur. I have tried to rule out well-known options like google maps. What I DO encounter right now, though, is that every time the phone reboots it has encountered connectivity pproblems with my local provider (Drillisch/ O2).

Does anyone have any advice on that?
Thanks in advance!

My fp2 does random reboots,when I’m in an app of not.sometimes the vibrator started on its own without stopping and then the fp2 reboot.does anyone has a solution?

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@geraldinemoreau have you checked out the #rebootsguide (click the blue text) yet?
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My Fairphone 2 constantly reboots. This is really annoying and I can’t trust my phone during the night. What can I do? Hoping not to have to send it away. Beeing without a phone for some time is not an option…

I moved your post here, to avoid duplicate topics.
As the fist post says please start with the #rebootsguide.
If it doesn’t fix it tell us exactly what you tried, what helped a little, what made things worse and anything that might help us in trying to determine what the cause could be.

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