FP2 random reboots - see #rebootsguide for help

Do you have Facebook installed?
I read many reports that the Facebook app also recently got an update and causes many phones to crash.

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Thanks for the idea. But no, I don’t have the facebook app installed…I’m using Facebook via the app Metal. I can try to remove it, I don’t use it very much.

IIRC, Hiccup is supposed to be anonymous, so that the FP support can gather more log info about the crashes and solve it for all users/phones.

I’m thinking about opening a trouble ticket and send them my UUID, but that would break the privacy aspect of it.

I had rebooting and camera problems myself. FP suggested I should contact my reseller for a new FP2 which a received a week ago. And I must say it works without a glitch now. With my old phone I had several reboots a day and now nothing.

Hallo Joschka.
Auf die letzte Version Updaten, Auf die Werkseinstellungen zurück setzen.

Auseinander nehmen, kontakte mit isopropanol saubermachen (nach möglichkeit)
Dann einfach nur ein paar tage ausprobieren wie er sich verhält. Wenn alles ok, erst dann nach und nach die Apps installieren.

Ich persönlich verwende Fairphone Open ohne den ganzen Google Müll. Aber das ist nicht jedermanns sache.

Schau mal, ob es hilft…

3, 4 times a day my FP2 closes and restarts without any notice.
Even when I am not touching it.
What’s the problem, how can I solve it.


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I’ve moved your post to this topic, as there’s quite some discussion about the many possible causes in here. There’s an overview of tips and tricks in the first post.

Yeah exactly that is happening to my FP2 247.
Is there a good trick to turn this annoying reboots off?!

I had never reboots in the past but since the newest version FP OS (1.10.1) I do. It is not so bad compared by other people because it is once / twice a week but it is starting be annoying. I can’t see any pattern and sometimes its happen when I doing nothing on my phone. I have a couple of apps installed (whatsapp, public transport and some news apps) nothing special. I have checked everything in the first post except checking the connectors, mainly becasue I think its a software issue since it is directly starting after updating to the newest version.

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Does anyone of you guys got a refund because of these issues? I am going to send my phone back very soon. When this don’t fix the reboot issue I am looking for a refund from Fairphone.

This is annoying and currently in my opinion it’s just an expensive faulty product. The comments about bad memory cards, bad chargers or cables … come one Fairphone! This is the first phone I ever owned which these kind of issues!

By the way … Reboots are just one of the urgent issues with this phone! It starts with charging and ends with GPS issues with Fairphone Open!


Hi Uwe. Of course your Fairphone should not rebooting themself.
But: Lot of the Problems can be the problems with 3rd-Party-Software, for which Fairphone can give you no warranty.
My Fairphone 2 i use with Fairphone Open 16.12 and Sailfish OS (98% of the time)

I have not a single reboot at all.

Please try to update your Fairphone 2 to the latest firmware, reset it to the factory state and look how it bahaves afterwards.

If it doesn’t help - of course - send them your FP2 back - they should replace it.


Correct me if I am wrong but shouldn’t the OS be failsafe enough to keep the phone running and the 3rd party software fail? So I think this in the hands oft Fairphone!

The key fact is that I never had a phone in my hands which is out oft the box + some standard like apps from Google Playstore unstable like the FP2.

I have removed Facebook and Messenger. Two days without rebiits but tiday my phone did restart right after hanging up a phone call.

That’s unfortaunte that you still experience reboots.
I just quickly wanted to reply to this first:

I don’t agree. The phone vendor provides the software basis and cannot be made responsible when third parties screw up. Making them responsible is like making the architect of your house responsible when it blows up because the plumber screwed up one of his installations.
In the case with the Facebook app, for example, it leads to crashes on numerous different devices with different Android versions. Makes me wonder how a company with that financial background is not capable of creating a proper software, but that’s a different story.

I know, this doesn’t help you, I just wanted to share my opinion.

Now with reboots the difficulty is that there can literally be dozens of causes why a computer crashes. Very often third party applications lead to reboots, however, in worst case it could also be faulty hardware.
What I do when I have reboots without certain patterns is to try exclude what could cause them. This would mean, uninstalling apps and see if it is getting better. Clearing the phone’s cache. Or, just make a hard reset and see if on a clean software install reboots occur as well. If the latter is the case, it’s likely a manufacture fault that should be dealt with under warranty by the vendor.

Hey all,

now (upgrade to FP2OOS 16.12.0) I experience those already described unmotivated reboots out of different situations such as listening to music (why do the playlists vanish BTW?), calling or just doing nothing.

I wonder whether there are logs giving hints to check for apps causing the problems.
As I understand there might be

  • connection problems on the hardware level
  • interferences of apps
  • OS-problems

How can I find out?

Best regards

I don’t know the architecture from Android but when I design software and its components I need to ensure that erroneous modules don’t mess up the whole system!

Additional, the Huawei P9 from my girlfriend do not have at least one of the FP2 issues and it is running a very similar app setup compared to my phone. For me it looks like FP has still to learn a lot und is currently releasing unstable software (maybe hardware as well).

I am tired to hear lame excuses like my charger is bad or the installed apps are the problem …

I cannot confirm that. I run my FP2 since over a year as working horse with dual SIM, and beside some minor bugs, of which most have already been fixed, I have no problems with the phone.

That’s why I would rather assume some individual problems by those users who experience such issues like the reboots - whether due to to their settings/software, or due to a malfunctioning hardware component.

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Today I have flashed a brand new Fairphone Open after performing a hard reset. Then I started to install F-Droid and Firefox. During the first use of firefox … reboot. I am going to send this phone back.

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I have the same problem, random reboots (at least once or twice a day) and usually when I am not even touching my phone.

This never happened before (had the phone for a year approx…) If I am correct it started when i upgraded to OS 1.10.1.

And if it isn’t rebooting it turns off and no way to turn it back on except by removing the battery and replacing it.

And, end up of course with half my battery usage gone!

If none of the actions in the first post help and the reboots started after updating the OS there’s chance that the (incremental) update wasn’t installed correctly. Sometimes it helps to re-install the current OS as a full update. You can do this from the Updater’s advanced area.
BTW: there was an Updater app update in Google Play lately; you might want to install that one before re-installing your OS.

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